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Cisco Expands UCS Server Lineup for Cloud and the Edge

UCS rack and blade servers now have some company in Cisco's biggest server update in years.

Tags: Cisco, servers, UCS, Cisco UCS, Cisco UCS M-Series Modular Servers, Cisco UCS Mini

Cisco UCS Servers Turn 5

Project California has transformed Cisco into a major server player.

Tags: Cisco, servers, Cisco Systems, UCS, Cisco UCS, Unified Computing System, Unified Computing, project California

Cisco Expands UCS Servers for Microsoft

Cisco fast tracks support for Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization under Windows Server 2012.

Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Cisco, Hyper-V, UCS, Windows Server 2012

Cisco Expands UCS and Cloud Management Control

The company's UCS Central platform can now manage up to 10,000 physical servers.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, cloud management, Cisco, UCS, server platform

Cisco, Cloud Computing and Open Source Software

What do Cisco, the cloud and open source software have in common? Much more than you might think.
Tags: cloud computing, Cisco, open source software, UCS, Rackspace Cloud

Cisco, CA Expand UCS for Better Data Center Management

Expansion of a technology agreement between CA and Cisco may benefit Cisco UCS users with better data center management for both applications and networks.
Tags: Cisco, CA, UCS, Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS with Xeon 5600 Break Records

The Cisco Unified Computing System combined with the Intel Xeon 5600 achieves record-breaking performance results.
Tags: server, Cisco, VMware, UCS, Xeon 5600

Cisco Planning New Westmere-Based x86 Servers

A new series of Cisco's x86 servers said to provide double-digit performance gains will be formally announced in the coming weeks.
Tags: cloud computing, Cisco, UCS, x86 server, Westmere

Cisco UCS Buyer's Guide

Cisco entered the server market in 2009 with its Unified Computing System, a series of blades and a chassis designed to simplify deployment, particularly for virtualized environments. See how its offerings compare to those of the more established players.
Tags: virtualization, blade, Cisco, buyers' guide, UCS

Cisco's UCS Gives Law Enforcement a Boost

Stun gun maker and law enforcement tech firm Taser reveals that UCS has real uses with its new, cloud-based evidence.com portal.
Tags: networking, virtualization, Cisco, UCS, project California

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