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Top 10 Enterprise Database Systems to Consider in 2015

Got data, big or small? Need a database server, on-premises or in the cloud? Chances are you'll be considering at least one of these leading enterprise database systems to meet your needs.

Tags: MySQL, database, Top 10, Oracle, database management

10 Linux Server Distros That Could Save You a Bundle

Paying too much for licenses is not good business. Using Linux in your data center is one way to save money. Here are ten Linux distros to consider.

Tags: Top 10, Ubuntu, Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Mandriva

5 SQL Server Performance Tools

Find the SQL Server performance monitoring and reporting tool that's right for your budget and your SLAs.
Tags: Top 10, SQL, server performance, SQL Server, database management

5 Steps to an Optimized Data Center

Follow the Google's data center efficiency model when designing, locating and equipping your own data center.
Tags: Top 10, Google, energy efficiency, power and cooling

10 Data Center Server Hardware Must-Haves

When making your 2011 hardware purchases, leave room for a few key items you really require to make good service great.
Tags: Top 10, SAN, server hardware, NAS, data center infrastructure

10 Advantages of SAN vs. DAS

SAN has many advantages over DAS in your data center. Here are 10 reasons to consider making the leap from local storage to a SAN.
Tags: Top 10, SAN, data backup, NAS, Storage

10 Forces Driving Your Potentially Agile Data Center

There are 10 forces driving you toward a more agile data center. May the forces be with you.
Tags: Top 10, cloud computing, data center management, server virtualization, agile data center

10 Free Server Tools Your Organization Needs

Got tools? Add these valuable and free server tools to your toolbox to make your computers, network and wallet very happy.
Tags: Top 10, Microsoft, open source server, Apache server, server tools

Uncover Your 10 Most Painful Performance Bottlenecks

There is no magic bullet when it comes to finding performance bottlenecks, but knowing where to look for them enhances your aim.
Tags: Top 10, performance, I/O, performance tuning, bottleneck

10 New Reasons to Virtualize Your Infrastructure

The cost savings that comes with virtualization makes an easy selling point, but there are other reasons the technology makes sense. Here are 10 reasons to consider virtualization that, although not top of mind, are worthy of consideration.
Tags: Top 10, virtualization, infrastructure, server virtualization, snapshots

10 System Administrator Tasks Ripe for Automation

Automation through scripting, specialized software and system scheduling frees up a sys admin's time, saves you money and prevents human error-related mistakes. These 10 repetitive processes are prime candidates for automation.
Tags: Top 10, automation, data center management, data center infrastructure, system administrator

10 Things to Know About Maverick Meerkat

In the flurry of 10-related memes this past week, one stood out: the release of Canonical's open source server OS, Ubuntu 10.10 Server Edition, also known as 'Maverick Meerkat.' In keeping with the theme, here are 10 noteworthy aspects.
Tags: Top 10, open source server, Linux server, Canonical, Ubuntu Server

Nominations Period Opens for CEO Vision Awards 2010

InternetNews.com is now accepting nominations for the 2010 CEO Vision Awards.
Tags: Top 10, awards, CEO, InternetNews, Vision

The 10 Best Data Center Education and Certification Opportunities

It's time to trade-in your sheepskin for a practical education -- and a paycheck. Learn which certs will give you the best return on your investment.
Tags: Top 10, Certifications, Red Hat, data center management, NetApp

The Top 10 Data Center Annoyances

Data center work can be cold and lonely, but does it also have to be annoying?
Tags: Top 10, data center management

10 Data Center Management Mistakes You Might Be Making

There's no such thing as the perfect data center. There's always a data center management lesson to be learned. Try learning these 10 lessons -- the easy way.
Tags: Top 10, cloud computing, data center management, server virtualization, power and cooling

Server Virtualization Myths -- 10 to Debunk

Myths about technology are often difficult to burst, and few are more trying than those concerning server virtualization.
Tags: Top 10, virtualization technologies, virtual server, server virtualization, virtual machine

10 Open Source Server Technologies You Need to Know

Technology for open source servers is about more than Linux. Here are 10 must-evaluate projects for open source servers in any enterprises considering making the leap.
Tags: open source, Top 10, Linux, open solaris, Top Ten

Top 10 Server Technology Trends for the New Decade

Ten trends for the next 10 years. An era of agile computing is upon us. Keep an eye on these 10 server-oriented technology trends.
Tags: Top 10, cloud computing, virtualization, trends, VDI

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