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Retrieving Symantec Antivirus Scanning Details from Client PCs

Take advantage of the built-in logging capabilities in Symantec Antivirus and our handy script to retrieve TimeOfLastScan, TimeOfLastVirus and PatternFileUpdate details from client PCs.

Tags: Symantec, servers, client, antivirus, scripting, client-server, server tutorial

vSphere Backup Brouhaha Leads to Veeam and Symantec Squabble

Veeam isn't willing to take a perceived slight over virtual machine backups lightly, but what exactly is the virtualization vendor blowing up over in this case?

Tags: virtualization, Symantec, virtual machine, VM, Veeam, virtually speaking

Why the Ideal Virtual Infrastructure Is 'Boring Business as Usual'

Adopting virtualization technology  often leads companies to carry out security, backup and other day-to-day activities in new and different ways. This often adds unnecessary costs and complexity. Symantec's solution? Keep it simple.

Tags: cloud computing, security, Symantec, server virtualization, Storage

10 Enterprise Cloud Storage Options

If you're considering moving some or all of your data to the cloud, here are 10 ways to make it happen.

Tags: Amazon, Cloud Storage, Symantec, CommVault, Zetta, Egntye, Nirvanix, Mezeo Software, StorSimple

10 Top Spam Stoppers

Stop spam in its tracks at the server with these 10 antispam products.

Tags: spam, Symantec, antispam, Kaspersky

5 Backup Products for Virtual Machines

Mitigate one of your primary pain points with enterprise backup software for your virtual infrastructure.

Tags: storage virtualization, Symantec, virtual machine, backup, VMware, Quest, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli, Veeam

Symantec's Free DNS Service Blocks Malware

The free DNS service uses a special name server to block known malware and phishing websites.
Tags: security, Symantec, malware, server tool, DNS service

2010: The Year of Virtualizing Securely

Virtually Speaking: Two sets of survey results released this week point to security as the next major hurdle for virtualization.
Tags: security, virtualization, Symantec, CDW

'Unlucky 13': Symantec's Security Trends for 2010

Hackers and malware purveyors are becoming more sophisticated. Computer users must follow suit by becoming equally wiser and more proactive.
Tags: security, Symantec, malware, antivirus, antispam

Virtualization Drives the Green IT Bus

Virtually Speaking: Green IT is gaining ground, and virtualization is a popular way for enterprises to get there.
Tags: virtualization, HP, Symantec, green, green IT

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