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HP Moving from Unix Itanium to x86 Odyssey on Linux

HP is moving forward on its plans for a new generation of mission-critical x86 servers, powered by Linux. What does that mean for Unix on Itanium?

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, HP, x86, RHEL, HP-UX, Itanium, x86 server, SuperDome

HP Integrity Server Buyer's Guide

HP's Integrity servers don't see nearly as much refresh action as its ProLiant line. This year, a new NonStop BladeSystem and Integrity Superdome means big changes for its high-end line.
Tags: HP, buyer's guide, Integrity, NonStop, SuperDome

HP Moves Superdome to Blade Platform

HP's Superdome 2, the first major upgrade to the Superdome system, is moving to a blade architecture.
Tags: server, blade, HP, SuperDome

HP Integrity Superdome

HP's Superdome 2 servers are built to power demanding, mission-critical environments for enterprises that require high availability and rich virtualization.

Tags: HP, Itanium, Integrity, SuperDome

HP Integrity Servers

If you're looking for a server that can handle your enterprise's mission-critical workloads, HP's Integrity line may have the solution. From Integrity Server Blades to Superdome and NonStop, HP presents a wide array of offerings to enterprises for which performance and availability is paramount.

Tags: HP, Unix server, Itanium, Integrity, NonStop, SuperDome

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