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Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements

Integration with Database and Java development teams leads to new server CPU innovations.

Tags: Java, database, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, servers, server hardware, SPARC, SPARC M7

Sun Pays Off for Oracle as Q2 Earnings Grow

With solid returns in for the second quarter, Larry Ellison is ready to call the purchase of Sun the best acquisition his company has ever made.

Tags: Oracle, server, x86 servers, Sun, Sun Microsystems, acquisition, servers

Oracle Commits to Sun Hardware

After Oracle's acquisition, Sun Microsystems has turned a profit for the first time in more than a year.
Tags: Oracle, server, Sun Microsystems, SPARC

The Looming Demise of OpenSolaris

OS Roundup: Will the open source server OS from what was once Sun Microsystems soon be known as the project formerly known as OpenSolaris? It's beginning to seem like it.
Tags: open source, Oracle, open source server, Sun Microsystems, OpenSolaris

Oracle's Linux Server Slant

OS Roundup: Is Oracle closing the door on Solaris in favor of Linux servers? Recent actions imply the company is determined to drive potential customers away from the UNIX offerings it acquired from Sun and into the arms of Red Hat and other enterprise Linux vendors.
Tags: Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, Linux server, OS

Server Room Management in a Post-Sun Oracle World

With Sun now part of Oracle, how much has its server line up changed? Not at all -- at least not yet. We look down the road to evaluate the changes likely to have an impact on server room management decisions.
Tags: Oracle, Sun Microsystems, server room management, Sun Oracle merger, sun servers

What's the Future of Linux and Solaris at Oracle?

Ellison outlines Oracle's open source direction now that the Sun acquisition has closed.
Tags: Linux, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Solaris

Into the VirtualBox -- Oracle Buys Sun

Virtually Speaking: With Oracle's acquisition of Sun complete, will it be lights out for VirtualBox and other Sun virtualization technology?
Tags: Oracle, virtualization, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, virtualbox

HP Enlists Partners to Help Steal Sun's Customers

Microsoft, Novell, and Red Hat join up with the hardware giant to ease customers' transition off Solaris.
Tags: IBM, Sun, Sun Microsystems, HP, migration

Sun's VirtualBox Revs, Perhaps for the Last Time

Virtually Speaking: Sun just updated its virtual desktop software, VirtualBox, but Oracle's post-acquisition jaws of death loom large.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization, Sun Microsystems, desktop virtualization, virtual box

Apple Dumps ZFS, as File Systems Battle Heats Up

OS Roundup: Apple last Friday announced ZFS would not be making an appearance in Snow Leopard. An interesting choice, given that some believe when the Sun-Oracle deal closes, the new entity may have the two most powerful file systems around.
Tags: file systems, Ubuntu, Apple, Sun Microsystems, ZFS

Ellison: 'Sun losing $100 million a month'

Last night's speech from Larry Ellison shed some light on his plans for Sun.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, Sun Microsystems, Larry Ellison

Sun Retains Customers' Loyalties

HP and IBM are aggressively pitching to Sun customers, but many aren't budging. Meanwhile, Oracle is planning to unveil a new Sun/Oracle database system later this week.
Tags: Oracle, IBM, Sun, Sun Microsystems, HP

Data Center Efficiency From the Ground Up

Hard-Core Hardware: It isn't often a data center gets to install the latest in servers, blades, storage and networking gear from Day One. Yet the Emerson data center in St. Louis, Missouri had just that opportunity.
Tags: Dell, data center, Sun Microsystems, hardware

Virtual Iron to Go Officially AWOL

Virtually Speaking: Oracle elaborates on its plans for Virtual Iron's product line. Not a pretty picture for many customers.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization, Sun Microsystems, Virtual Iron

Say 'Cheese': OpenSolaris' Time Slider

Whenever an OS adds a killer feature, it's time to sit up and strike a pose. OpenSolaris' Time Slider is a prime example. The graphical tool provides a window into the OS's powerful snapshot feature.
Tags: open source, Sun, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, open solaris

What's the Future for OpenSolaris?

OS Roundup: From Java to Solaris, Sun brings myriad good technology to the table, technology that Oracle will likely exploit and monetize.
Tags: Java, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, OpenSolaris

OpenSolaris, A Preview of Solaris 11?

Wondering what the next version of Solaris might look like? OpenSolaris offers some hints.
Tags: virtualization, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, OpenSolaris, Storage

Oracle Buys Sun: The Consequences

Hard-Core Hardware: Analysts weigh in on the proposed acquisition with scenarios ranging from doom and gloom to eternal sunshine.
Tags: Java, Oracle, virtualization, Sun Microsystems, acquisitions

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