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Oracle's Server Woes Hit the Bottom Line

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reveals new SPARC processor set to debut next week.  Will it help lead a hardware turnaround?

Tags: Oracle, Sun, servers, Exadata, SPARC, Exalogic, quarterly financials

Sun Pays Off for Oracle as Q2 Earnings Grow

With solid returns in for the second quarter, Larry Ellison is ready to call the purchase of Sun the best acquisition his company has ever made.

Tags: Oracle, server, x86 servers, Sun, Sun Microsystems, acquisition, servers

Oracle Debuts GlassFish Server 3.1, Improving JavaEE 6 Middleware

Reference middleware architecture for JavaEE 6 is updated, tying the former Sun tech even closer to Oracle's broader Java platform offerings.
Tags: Java, Oracle, Sun, Glassfish

Oracle Debuts SPARC Supercluster

Oracle updates Sun hardware lineup with new SPARC based servers for the cloud, delivering record setting performance.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, InfiniBand, SPARC

Red Sky Supercomputer: A Showcase for Oracle/Sun Blade Servers and Storage

What happens when two supercomputers join together and operate as one? With Red Sky/Red Mesa, a collaborative effort involving Sandia National Labs, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Oracle/Sun, we're about to find out.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, supercomputers, TOP500, Server Blades

Oracle T3 Server Buyer's Guide

Oracle threw down the gauntlet at the high-end of the server market this week, demonstrating its commitment to Sun servers at its annual OpenWorld show in San Francisco.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, server hardware, OpenWorld, buyer's guide

Oracle Sets High Performance Server Hardware Agenda

Promises to double application performance on Sparc systems every two years.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, Solaris, server hardware, HPC

Oracle Takes Next-Gen Data Center Push on the Road

Next week's event will tout Oracle's systems approach, Sun hardware and the benefits of private clouds.
Tags: Oracle, data center, Sun, SAP, enterprise applications

Open Source Software Comes to a Fork in the Code

Anyone paying attention to Oracle's acquisition of Sun had a keen sense that a culture clash was inevitable for the open source software OpenSolaris. This week's launch of Illumos reveals the time might be now.
Tags: Oracle, open source server, Sun, open source software, OpenSolaris

Illumos Aims to Free Oracle's Open Source Software

With the future of OpenSolaris under Oracle unclear, a new effort aims to deliver an alternative to the popular open source software.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, open source software, OpenSolaris, Illumos

Oracle Announces New High-Performance Computing Sun Clusters

True to its promise, Oracle sticks to the high-end market with massive clustering x86 servers and a unified network fabric.
Tags: Oracle, Intel, x86 servers, Sun, HPC

Oracle Abandons AMD Opteron on Sun Servers

The new Sun Microsystems owner plans to discontinue existing Opteron servers.
Tags: Oracle, server, Sun, AMD, Opteron

Can IBM Digest the UNIX Server Trifecta?

OS Roundup: The UNIX server market is steadily shrinking, yet the three top heavyweights are about to launch new products. It's a dog-eat-dog market, and IBM has already nibbled at Solaris. Is HP-UX the next course for this seemingly large and aggressive mutt?
Tags: IBM, Sun, Solaris, HP, Unix

Schwartz Exits Sun in Less that 140 Characters

Jonathan Schwartz, who is not moving on to Oracle from Sun, made a grand exit with a fond farewell tweet.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, Schwartz

Oracle Begins Picking Its Sun A-Team

With its acquisition of Sun having closed, Oracle is deciding what stays and what goes.
Tags: Oracle, integration, Sun, acquisition, Sun Oracle merger

Apple vs. Oracle, aka Toy Box vs. Board Room

OS Roundup: The contrast couldn't be any starker: On Wednesday, Oracle will tell the world why it means business, and Apple will likely show off some new playthings.
Tags: Oracle, iPhone, Apple, Sun, OS

HP Enlists Partners to Help Steal Sun's Customers

Microsoft, Novell, and Red Hat join up with the hardware giant to ease customers' transition off Solaris.
Tags: IBM, Sun, Sun Microsystems, HP, migration

Ellison: 'Sun losing $100 million a month'

Last night's speech from Larry Ellison shed some light on his plans for Sun.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, Sun Microsystems, Larry Ellison

Sun's Kick in the Shins

OS Roundup: While the world waits for Oracle's acquisition of Sun, IBM and HP aren't wasting any time going after Sun's customer base. Will there be a place for Sun hardware or Solaris when the sale completes, and does Oracle care?
Tags: Oracle, IBM, Sun, HP, Larry Ellison

Sun Retains Customers' Loyalties

HP and IBM are aggressively pitching to Sun customers, but many aren't budging. Meanwhile, Oracle is planning to unveil a new Sun/Oracle database system later this week.
Tags: Oracle, IBM, Sun, Sun Microsystems, HP

Say 'Cheese': OpenSolaris' Time Slider

Whenever an OS adds a killer feature, it's time to sit up and strike a pose. OpenSolaris' Time Slider is a prime example. The graphical tool provides a window into the OS's powerful snapshot feature.
Tags: open source, Sun, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, open solaris

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