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Working with SSH and Secure FTP Servers in Windows

While Windows doesn't offer native SSH or Secure FTP access, it's fairly easy to set up SSH and SFTP servers for securely accessing data from remote PCs or servers.

Tags: servers, Windows Server, SSH, Windows Server 2012, server tutorial

Securing a VNC Server on Linux with SSH

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) enables you to use a GUI instead of a command-line interface when remotely connecting to a Linux or Unix machine, but security's another matter entirely.  Discover how to make sure your VNC server connections stay secure.

Tags: Linux, security, Linux server, tutorials, tutorial, SSH, vnc, server tutorial

Setting Up VNC on Ubuntu in Amazon EC2

While Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers only SSH access by default to Linux cloud servers, if you aren't a command-line fan or your application requires a GUI, discover how you can set up remote desktop access to most Linux cloud servers.

Tags: Linux, Amazon EC2, Ubuntu, Cloud server, tutorial, Ubuntu Server, SSH, Linux cloud

Kernel Developers Share Security Tips

Learn tips for keeping your Linux system safe in this post-kernel.org-breach world.

Tags: security, tip of the trade, SSH, Linux security, Kernel.org

DenyHosts: Keep on Knocking but You Can't Come In

DenyHosts makes it easy to ward off unauthorized SSH connection attempts. The utility blocks attempts to connect to your server via SSH after too many failed attempts or from a blacklisted host.
Tags: security, open source software, tip of the trade, SSH

8 iPad Apps to Turn Your Toy Into a Data Center Tool

These 8 apps deliver the agile service and support necessary to transform your iPad from a nifty toy to a mission-critical data center tool.
Tags: iPad, iPad app, data center management, Skype, SSH

Check Apache Server Status From a Web Page

Want to see how your server is doing without SSH'ing into the system? One way to do this is to set up a Web page that shows the status of your Apache server. Here's how to get started.
Tags: open source server, tip of the trade, apache web server, SSH, Apache server

Open Source Software Shortcut -- Escaping SSH With '~'

SSH's escape character may be one of its best kept secrets. Using '~' can suspend a session as well as a host of other escape sequences. Learn how to get the most out of these open source software shortcuts.
Tags: open source, open source software, OS, SSH, escape characters

Open Source Windows SSH Client Delivers Security Boost

The Windows SSH client, PuTTY, is incredibly useful and becomes even more so when set up with a private/public keypair.
Tags: Windows, security, open source software, tip of the trade, SSH

Set Up a VNC Linux Server in 5 Easy Steps

Tip of the Trade: VNC makes it easy to log into a full desktop on a remote server. Follow these steps, and your Debian Linux server will be up and running in no time.
Tags: Linux, Debian, tip of the trade, SSH

Pragma Fortress SSH Certified for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Pragma's SSH software became the first to be certified for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
Tags: Windows, Microsoft, Enterprise, SSH

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