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QuinStreet Enterprise Research: Security Breaches Lead to Server Corruption

New exclusive research from QuinStreet Enterprise details the risks of security breaches for server administrators.

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About ServerWatch

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Stop Software Attacks From Destroying Your Servers

Stuxnet-style malware that attacks computer hardware, physically destroying servers, networking equipment and storage resources in your data center is easier to create than you might think. Learn how to stop it in its tracks.
Tags: server hardware, malware, server security, Stuxnet

4 Easy Steps to Securing Your Servers in the Public Cloud

When it comes to security in the public cloud, you're on your own. Your cloud provider will not help protect your systems from hackers and other attacks beyond protecting its own infrastructure. However, with due diligence you can minimize your risks.
Tags: security, public cloud, server security

Server Virtualization Presents New Security Concerns

Firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) may not be enough to defend against malicious hypervisors.
Tags: security, virtualization, server virtualization, server security

Server Security: The Threat from Within

You've built a virtual fortress to keep strangers off of your servers and out of your data center, but did you know your greatest enemy is more likely to be one of your own employees?
Tags: security, cyber security, data center security, server security

Microsoft Concentrates on Server-Based Security

Microsoft will not release its standalone PC Forefront Protection Manager. Instead, the company will focus on multi-server management.
Tags: Microsoft, server management, server security

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