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Red Hat Satellite 6.2 Adds Docker Deployment

New version of Red Hat server management tool gets into container provisioning.

Tags: Red Hat, server management, containers, Docker Containers, Red Hat Satellite, container provisioning

Red Hat Pulls the Strings on Server Management with Satellite 6

Beta release sets the stage for next level of innovation in system management.

Tags: Red Hat, servers, server management, system management, Puppet

Server Management Tools: A Closer Look at HP's iLO and Dell's iDRAC

There's more to consider when purchasing new server infrastructure than simply the hardware. Make sure you do a little homework on the management side of the equation before your next server purchase.

Tags: Dell, data center, HP, server management, server hardware, server review

ScaleXtreme Looks to Bring Server Management to the Cloud

Billing itself as a low-cost, simplified alternative to heavyweights like IBM and HP, ScaleXtreme offers a unified, cloud-based console for systems management.
Tags: cloud computing, server management, server virtualization

Old School Server Management Still Alive and Well

It's 2010, and you'd think server management would have reached new heights by now, but it hasn't -- Unless you've recently bought yourself a new pair of shoes.
Tags: data center, data center management, server management, OS, Data Center Management Software

Monitor Servers With ServerUp for Android Phones

The ServerUp mobile application for Android devices allows an admin to check on servers remotely.
Tags: Android, server management, Remote Server Management

Froxlor: A Web-based Server Administrator Tool

Any business can use Froxlor to quickly roll-out new domains or sub-domains for departments, branches and remote offices.
Tags: server, server management, Server Administrator, server tool, Web Tool

Quest to Acquire Virtualization Vendor Surgient

Quest will move into the virtualized server management market with the Surgient Automation Platform.
Tags: virtualization, server management, server virtualization

Idera Updates Its Microsoft SQL Server Management Tools

The company has released new versions of its Microsoft SQL Server management tools.
Tags: server management, SQL Server, server tools

Dell Offers Server Management from Microsoft with OEM Deal

The company will integrate Microsoft's SCE 2010 software with its own OpenManage tools.
Tags: Microsoft, Dell, OEM, server management

Symplified Management Synchronizes Data Center with Cloud

The new solution offers centralized user provisioning across on-premises and cloud infrastructures.
Tags: cloud computing, server management, provisioning

Data Center Management Tips for Optimal Server Performance

This new report offers advice the challenges data center operator face with running servers in your data center.
Tags: data center management, server management

Opscode Announces Commercial Open-Source Platform

The Opscode Platform beta release of the Opscode Platform is a hosted configuration management service.
Tags: Cloud, server management, hosted, open-source, Opscode

Open Source Remote Desktop Manager Updated

The new version of of RDPDesk’s RD Connection manager lets admins manage multiple servers and desktops remotely.
Tags: open source, server management

F5 Networks Offers Virtual Server Management Solutions

The company is providing solutions that enable control and automation of virtual servers in cloud and data center environments.
Tags: server, Virtual Server Management, server management

Preparing for Enterprise Server Growth

Enterprises need an accurate snapshot of how much capacity is available and to predict how systems will respond to future business growth.
Tags: server, server management, Enterprise, Server Growth

Server Technology Offers Sentry Power Manager Upgrade

The Sentry Power Manager software helps companies measure power consumption and deliver on green initiatives.
Tags: server, power management, server management, power

Server Virtualization and Process Management

Moving to a fully virtualized data center revolves around process management and automation.
Tags: server, virtual server, server management, server virtualization

CA Offers Data Center Management Products

CA's new products help data centers manage everything from physical server to virtual environments.
Tags: server, virtual server, data center management, server management

ManageEngine Adds Support for Virtual Server Monitoring

The company has added support for monitoring VMware ESX/ESXi servers to ManageEngine Applications Manager.
Tags: server, virtual server, server management, server virtualization, monitor

How to Increase Infrastructure Efficiency

This is all about optimizing the number of clients on a server to bring about stability.
Tags: server, virtualization, server management

Microsoft Concentrates on Server-Based Security

Microsoft will not release its standalone PC Forefront Protection Manager. Instead, the company will focus on multi-server management.
Tags: Microsoft, server management, server security

Percona Server XtraDB Enhances MySQL 5.1

The new server with XtraDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL.
Tags: MySQL, server, server management, percona

New Tool for Server Room Monitoring

Degree Controls announces the Accusense F333 monitoring tool.
Tags: server, management, data center, server management, monitor

GroundWork, Eucalyptus Partner for Cloud App Management

The enterprise cloud package provides server, middleware and application-level availability and monitoring across data-centers, public clouds and private clouds.
Tags: private cloud, server management, cloud app

BigFix Enhances Server Management

Offers coverage that extends to over a dozen distinct Unix platforms and multiple flavors of Windows.
Tags: Linux, Windows, server management, Unix, assets

Rackspace Cloud Offers iPad Server App

Rackspace Cloud users can turn on server backups from their iPad.
Tags: iPad, Cloud server, server management, cloud app

Lenovo Server Stable Growing

Server Snapshot: In the past year, Lenovo launched its second generation of ThinkServers, equipped with more memory and storage capacity, the latest Intel processors, and virtualization capabilities. Yet the company remains in the "other" category in the various server measurement surveys.
Tags: server, hardware, servers, server management, Lenovo

Connecting Clouds to Enterprise Servers

In this extremely competitive market, cloud middleware connects the old software companies require to the SaaS and cloud services they've just added.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Cloud Storage, servers, server management

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