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Consider Consolidating Your Servers with a New Dell or HPE 4U Workhorse

If you have server or workload consolidation projects on tap, opting for one of the latest server systems from Dell or HPE could lead to significant cost savings.

Tags: Dell, servers, server hardware, server consolidation, HPE

Schneider Electric Data Center Showcases Server Consolidation and Energy Efficiency

When Schneider Electric purchased APC, it set about building a new new data center outside of St. Louis, Mo. Although it was designed to consolidate both companies' server rooms, it also serves as a model of energy efficiency, illuminating Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure architecture for intelligent energy management.
Tags: data center management, energy efficiency, power and cooling, server consolidation, energy management

Server Vendors Face Server Virtualization, Consolidation

Server consolidation and virtualization means tougher times for server vendors.
Tags: server virtualization, vendor, server consolidation, Market

Server Virtualization Saves Big Bucks for Feds

Virtually Speaking: Server virtualization in the U.S. House of Representatives results in green saving green to the tune of more than $700,000.
Tags: government IT, server virtualization, government, cost management, server consolidation

Virtualization Technologies Cuts House Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives is saving money with virtualization technologies and server consolidation.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtualization technologies, server consolidation

Still Plenty of Green in the Data Center

For many data centers, going green meant going virtual -- that is, the vast majority of power savings over the past two or three years has been the by-product of server consolidation.
Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, green IT, server consolidation

Server Virtualization, Consolidation Break Technology Refresh Cycle

Performance audits, server consolidation and server virtualization all offer ways to break out of the technology refresh rut -- permanently.
Tags: server hardware, server virtualization, server consolidation

Server Consolidation Barriers

How to embrace virtualization without busting the budget.
Tags: cloud computing, hardware, Enterprise, server consolidation

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