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Global Server Revenues Grow in the Third Quarter

IDC and Gartner provide reason for continued optimism in the server market.

Tags: server, servers, IDC, Gartner, Server Market, server revenue

Dell's PowerEdge R230 Delivers for SMB Customers

While the server 1U form factor almost always leads to limitations on disk, CPU and memory, Dell is looking to change that in a big way with the new PowerEdge R230.

Tags: server, Dell, server hardware, rackmount, server review, Dell PowerEdge, Dell PowerEdge Server

How to Use Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica for Disaster Recovery

Discover how to create and implement a cost-effective disaster recovery solution with Windows Server 2012's Hyper-V Replica virtual technology.

Tags: Microsoft, server, virtualization, servers, Hyper-V, disaster recovery, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator

How to Team Your Network Cards with Windows Server 2012

Discover how to resolve all sorts of virtualization headaches by teaming your network cards with Windows Server 2012's Server Manager.

Tags: Microsoft, server, virtualization, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator

How to Manage Multiple Servers with Windows Server 2012

Discover how to quickly and easily administer multiple servers, no matter where they are in the world, from a single interface.

Tags: Microsoft, server, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator

Survey: 51% of x86 Servers Now Virtualized

A new study from 451 Research reveals that a slim majority of x86 servers are now virtualized.

Tags: server, virtualization, x86 servers, servers, x86, server virtualization, 451 Research

AMD Roadrunner Platform Opens Server Design

AMD jumps into Open Compute servers with the debut of its new Open 3.0 platform.

Tags: server, Servers & Services, servers, AMD, Open Compute, Open 3.0

Sun Pays Off for Oracle as Q2 Earnings Grow

With solid returns in for the second quarter, Larry Ellison is ready to call the purchase of Sun the best acquisition his company has ever made.

Tags: Oracle, server, x86 servers, Sun, Sun Microsystems, acquisition, servers

Global Server Revenues Down in 3Q12

Linux and x86 servers are bright spots as the global server market continues to slow down.

Tags: server, x86 servers, servers, x86, Linux server, Server Market

HP's Losses Mount as Itanium Server Line Falters

Declines continue in the wake of trouble at Autonomy and a double-digit decrease in business-critical systems revenue.

Tags: server, HP, servers, Itanium, quarterly financials

HP Builds New Servers for Big Data

The new HP ProLiant SL4500 server series scales up performance to meet Big Data requirements.

Tags: server, HP, servers, big data, big data analytics, HP ProLiant

ARM Server Tech Gets a LEG Up on Linux

Linaro Enterprise Group ramps up to accelerate the development of ARM for Linux.

Tags: Linux, server, servers, ARM, Linaro

Lenovo Unveils First Enterprise Product Group Server

The ThinkPad maker commences its journey to the data center with the new Intel-powered ThinkServer TD330 for SMBs.

Tags: server, servers, Lenovo, SMBs, ThinkServer, enterprise server

Dreamhost Looking to Contribute Back to Linux

Dreamhost's CEO elaborates on the evolving role of Linux use at his hosting company.

Tags: open source, Linux, server, Ubuntu, servers, Ubuntu Server

What's the Real Story on KVM Usage?

While some surveys peg hypervisor usage of Red Hat's KVM at a meager 0.5%, support for KVM from vendors tells a different story.

Tags: Cloud, server, virtualization, Red Hat, servers, server virtualization, hypervisor, KVM, virtually speaking

HDS Revamps Unified Compute Platform

Hitachi Data Systems overhauls its converged infrastructure portfolio with 11 new products.

Tags: server, servers, Hitachi, Hitachi Data Systems, HDS, Unified Compute

Oracle Debuts Exalogic X3-2 Server

The company updates its business application server platform with Intel Sandy Bridge processors and a whole lot of RAM.

Tags: Oracle, server, servers, Exalogic, application server

A Hands-on Look at Windows Server 2012

With Windows Server 2012 finally officially available, now's the perfect time to delve a little deeper into the features and changes in the new server operating system that are likely to matter most to enterprises.

Tags: Windows, server, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Windows 8

What the vTax's Demise Means for Server Virtualization

Is VMware's elimination of the hated "vTax" a sign that the company is changing its focus to where the real money is?

Tags: Cloud, server, virtualization, servers, server virtualization, VMware, hybrid cloud

Windows Server 2012 Walkthroughs: Upgrading a Dell R520

Chomping at the bit to test out the official release of Windows Server 2012?  Check out what to watch for and avoid as we put the new server OS through its paces.

Tags: server, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, server tutorial

HP Wins Oracle App Support for Itanium Servers

Oracle plans to appeal a court ruling that will force it to continue to support HP's Itanium servers.

Tags: Oracle, server, x86 servers, HP, servers, Itanium

Pano Logic Delivers New Cloud and Chrome-Based Thin Client Server

Is a browser-based thin client server model all you really need for running applications?

Tags: Cloud, server, thin client, Google Chrome, Pano Logic

Dell PowerEdge Microserver Buying Guide

With microservers threatening to become the next great server form factor, Dell is pushing micros hard with the debut of its third generation PowerEdge microserver.

Tags: server, Dell, servers, buyer's guide, Buying Guide, PowerEdge, buyers guide, Dell PowerEdge, MicroServer

Hyper-V 2012 Heats Up VMware vs. Microsoft Server Virtualization Showdown

The recent barbs traded between VMware and Microsoft can mean only one thing -- each sees the other as a real threat in the server virtualization and private cloud computing markets.

Tags: Microsoft, server, virtualization, private cloud, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, VMware vSphere, virtually speaking

HP Launches Low-Power Project Gemini Server

HP expands on its Moonshot server vision with a new Gemini chassis that can support both ARM and x86 processors.

Tags: server, HP, x86, ARM, x86 server, Project Gemini, ARM server, Moonshot

HP DL380p Gen8 Server Delivers Speed and Space

HP's DL380p Gen8 data center rackmount server should be at the top of any IT evaluation for new data center infrastructure.

Tags: server, data center, HP, servers, rackmount, server review, hp gen8

Dell Delivers Convergence in New Data Center Solution

Servers, storage and networking come together in a new converged Blade Data Center offering.

Tags: server, virtualization, Dell, servers, blades, blade server, Dell PowerEdge

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Reaches RC

While Windows 8 has been receiving the overwhelming majority of attention from the media, enterprises may be more interested in Microsoft's server OS entering its final phase prior to an official debut.

Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, server, Windows Server, server os, Windows Server 2012, windows server 8

Global Server Revenues Decline in 1Q12

The latest global server reports are out from both IDC and Gartner, and despite a few bright spots, overall the news isn't good.

Tags: server, IBM, Dell, blade servers, x86 servers, HP, servers, x86, Server Market

HP ProLiant Server Buying Guide

Generation eight of HP's ProLiant line of servers debuts as the latest major makeover of the company's x86 mainstay.

Tags: server, HP, servers, Buying Guide, buyers guide, ProLiant, ProLiant Gen8 server

Puppet Partners with EMC on Open Source Razor

New provisioning tool takes aim at bare metal server deployments.


Tags: open source, server, EMC, Servers & Services, Puppet, Puppet Labs, Bare Metal Provisioning, Bare Metal, Razor

Linux 3.4 Kernel Gets Btr, BATMAN

The new Linux kernel enhances Btrfs next gen filesystem and changes routing for BATMAN.

Tags: Linux, server, Linux server, Linux kernel

Rackspace CTO: Open Rack Is Nice, But We Like Our White Boxes

With the cloud and data center vendor in continual need of new servers, what do they buy?

Tags: server, data center, Rackspace, whitebox, Rackspace Cloud, Open Compute, Open Rack

Dell R520 Server Arrives with an Attention to Detail

Dell's new PowerEdge R520 debuts as a worthy successor to the R510, delivering many features previously found only on higher end servers.

Tags: server, Dell, rackmount, Dell PowerEdge, rack mount

Taking VMware vSphere 5 for a Spin

While VMware vSphere can already handle some of the most complex virtual machine configurations you can throw at it, version 5.0 brings even more flexibility to the HA and storage capabilities with an eye toward performance and scalability.

Tags: server, virtualization, server virtualization, VMware, Virtualization Management, vSphere, VMware vSphere, vsphere 5

Open Compute Widens Servers with Open Rack

19 inch servers could soon become a thing of the past as the open source group pushes a new standard.

Tags: Facebook, server, data center, blade server, Server Blades, rack mount, Open Compute, Open Rack

IBM Offers New PowerLinux Servers and Business Apps

Two new PowerLinux Servers help IBM address customers’ Linux application needs.

Tags: Linux, server, IBM, virtualization, Linux server, big data

Kemp Announces New LoadMaster 5300

The company's LoadMaster 5300 is an advanced server load balancing and content switching appliance.

Tags: server, load balancing, Kemp Technologies, switching platform

Oracle x86 Servers Buying Guide

Oracle continues to invest in the abundant x86 intellectual property it inherited from Sun Microsystems, and with its latest x86 server releases the company is positioning them even more prominently.

Tags: Oracle, middleware, server, virtualization, x86, x86 server

New Version of NGINX Open Source Web Server Available

Highlights of NGINX version 1.2.0 include flexible configuration options for proxy redirects, improved load balancing and extended DNS resolver configuration.

Tags: open source, server, web server, Nginx

Microsoft Server and Tools Business Boasts Double-Digit Growth

Microsoft's Server & Tools business posts $4.57 billion in third-quarter revenue, driven largely by significant increases in SQL Server and System Center revenue.

Tags: Microsoft, server, System Center, SQL Server, Server and Tools, MICROSOFT TOOLS

Windows Server 8 Now Officially Windows Server 2012

Microsoft settles on Windows Server 2012 to mark the imminent launch of its forthcoming "cloud-optimized" server OS.

Tags: operating system, Cloud, server, private cloud, Windows Server, server os, Windows Server 2012, windows server 8

Dell PowerEdge R210 II: Good Things Come in Small Packages

This enterprise-ready, ultra-compact, 1-socket  server from Dell may very well change your perception of rackmount servers.

Tags: server, Dell, rackmount, PowerEdge, Dell PowerEdge

Boundary Delivers Monitoring in the Cloud

Startup aims to deliver monitoring as a service in real-time.

Tags: Cloud, server, monitoring, Service Cloud, monitoring tools

IDC Reports Strong Server Sales

IDC says server sales, especially for non-x86 platforms, continued to grow but how long can it keep up?

Tags: server, IBM, Dell, HP, IDC, revenue

Dell KACE Debuts SMB System Management Appliance

Linux-powered appliance provides server and asset management capabilities.
Tags: server, SMB, Dell, Kace, appliance

5 Strategies for Replacing Your Apple Xserves

By now, Apple's announcement that it plans to discontinue the Xserve has sunk in for many enterprises, but uncertainty remains over how best to plan for future growth and cope with existing Xserves coming to the end of their useful lives. Here are five paths to consider.
Tags: server, Apple, migration, xserve

Dell's PowerEdge R515 Server Delivers Density, Flexibility and Value

Although rackmount servers are considered commodity offerings, demand for them continues to rise. The server hardware vendors are happy to oblige, as they attempt to differentiate their wares. The PowerEdge R515 from Dell is a prime example.
Tags: server, Dell, rackmount, PowerEdge, Dell PowerEdge

ARM-Based Server Chip Expected to Launch

Nufront VP of Marketing hints at August release of optimized server chip.
Tags: server, server CPU

Setting Up an Open Source Server, Firewall and Router on Endian, Part 1

There are numerous open source server, firewall and router and projects, but few, like Endian, are also Linux distros that can turn any system into both a full-featured network and Internet security appliance. We step through a basic Endian config, including setting up the Internet connection and creating a local network, and then setting up the OpenVPN server.
Tags: open source, server, firewall, router

Froxlor: A Web-based Server Administrator Tool

Any business can use Froxlor to quickly roll-out new domains or sub-domains for departments, branches and remote offices.
Tags: server, server management, Server Administrator, server tool, Web Tool

Virtualization Impacts the Server Buying Decision

In a world of virtualization there is more to consider than server form factor.
Tags: server, virtualization, Intel, server virtualization

Lacie Announces Small Business Backup Server

The 5big backup server runs Microsoft's Windows Home Server.
Tags: server, SMB, small business server, Backup Server

Enterprise Server Spending Remains Weak

Research firm TheInfoPro says overall server spending in enterprises remains weak in 2010 following the economic downturn.
Tags: server, sales, enterprise server, Server Market

Acer To Add New Server Models to Portfolio

An aggressive expansion plan in the server market has Acer offering 17 new server models along with technology partners Intel and Microsoft.
Tags: server, Acer

Dell Warns of Malware-Infected Server Motherboards

Dell is warning its customers that there is malware on some server motherboards.
Tags: server, Dell, server hardware, malware, motherboard

Microsoft Readies Betas of Vail and Aurora Servers

Online reports indicate that the betas may be released next week — timed with the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.
Tags: Microsoft, server, Vail, Aurora

The Planet Server Cloud for Channel Partners

The Planet is offering channel partners the ability to sell cloud-based virtual server architectures.
Tags: Cloud, server, The Planet

Oracle Emphasizes Exadata in Server Architect

Speed advances in storage and network connectivity are feeding back into the design constraints for servers.
Tags: database, Oracle, server, Architect

AMD Puts Pressure on Intel Server Processor Market Share

How long will Intel continue to dominate the server and PC processor markets?
Tags: server, Intel, server hardware, AMD, processor

Oracle Commits to Sun Hardware

After Oracle's acquisition, Sun Microsystems has turned a profit for the first time in more than a year.
Tags: Oracle, server, Sun Microsystems, SPARC

What to Expect from New AMD Server Platforms

AMD has taken multicore design to a new level, but what kind of performance can you expect?
Tags: server, AMD, multicore

HP Secures Virtualized, Physical Dedicated Servers

In the virtualized world of dedicated servers, security breaches carry a higher level of risk.
Tags: server, virtual server, physical server, dedicated server

Massively Multi-Core Servers for New Server Technologies

Massively multi-core server technology will enable data center operators to run between 2,000 and 10,000 computing cores in a single rack using only 8 kilowatts of power.
Tags: server, multi-core, Server Technologies

NEC Fault Tolerant Servers Provide VMware Support

The NEC FT server series can now deliver continuous VMware processing and availability in the event of outages.
Tags: server, VMware, Fault Tolerant

Windows HPC Server Close to Linux HPC Stack

Windows HPC Server 2008 includes similar tools that a Linux distro uses to support parallel supercomputing workloads.
Tags: Linux, server, HPC, HPC Server 2008

Evolving Technologies Shorten Server Replacement Cycles

Virtualization technologies and other trends have contributed to a to a three-year server replacement cycle.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtualization technologies, lifecycle

Samsung Storage and Memory Chosen for ProLiant Servers

Samsung's 1333 Mbps Green DDR3 DRAM memory and Enterprise SSDs have been chosen for use in HP ProLiant G6 and G7 servers.
Tags: server, hardware, Samsung, Memory, ProLiant

Intel Launches Cloud Server Pilot for Small Business

The Intel Hybrid Cloud program is a subscription-based server model for small business.
Tags: server, Intel, Cloud server

IBM Denies Server Ponzi Scheme Allegations

Devon IT appears to be suing IBM over failed virtual PC server projects.
Tags: server, IBM, law, legal

AMD's New Opteron 4100 Series Features Power Efficiency for x86 Servers

Coming in below AMD's high-end Magny-Cours design, the Opteron 4100 is aimed at x86 server customers concerned with power efficiency and long-term compatibility.
Tags: cloud computing, server, x86 servers, AMD, Opteron

Opengear Announces Industrial Device Server

The ACM5004-2-I is Opengear's first release in the family of industrial device servers.
Tags: server, device server, remote device server

Physical Versus Virtual Servers

Virtualization technologies are not a new, in fact mainframes and non-x86 operating systems have been virtualized for a long time.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtual server, x86, physical server

Sybase Updates Advantage Database Server

Sybase Advantage Database Server 10 offers enhancements in algorithms and data intelligence.
Tags: server, database server

SeaMicro Server Powered By Hundreds of Intel Atom Chips

The SM10000 server can use up to 512 Intel Atom chips as an alternative to more power-hungry microprocessors.
Tags: server, server hardware, Intel Atom

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