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ScaleMP Takes vSMP Up a Notch

Virtualization isn't just about slicing and dicing. Sometimes it's about bringing systems together, as ScaleMP demonstrates with its latest release of vSMP Foundation.
Tags: server virtualization, supercomputing, clustering, ScaleMP, SMP

ScaleMP, Microsoft Help Bring HPC and Cloud Computing Together

Virtually Speaking: Cloud computing continues to find its way into some of the most unlikely places. The HPC community is beginning to embrace it. Is cloud poised to become the most ubiquitous technology of the 21st Century?
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization, supercomputing, ScaleMP

ScaleMP Steps Up Server Virtualization Aggregation Software

The company started out with a server virtualization aggregation tool that makes many boxes look like one. Now, it's enhancing its formula and splitting that image into a second virtual machine.
Tags: Linux, server virtualization, VMware, ScaleMP, SMP

Supercomputing Heads for the Cloud

Virtually Speaking: Vendors are gearing up to aggregate computing power in the cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, virtualization, supercomputing, ScaleMP

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