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SUSE Expands Its Linux Offerings on Microsoft Azure

SUSE brings its High Performance Computing edition to Microsoft's cloud.

Tags: SUSE Linux

SUSE Linux Brings Live Patching to SAP Applications

SUSE's kGraft technology now able to help provide high-availability to SAP's HANA database in-memory database.

Tags: SAP, high availability, SUSE, SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, HANA, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, Live Patching

Applied Micro Provides ARM Boost to openSUSE Build Service for Linux

64-bit tech from Applied Micro added to SUSE's online platform that enables Linux packages to be built for different architectures.

Tags: Linux, ARM, Linux server, 64-bit, SUSE, SUSE Linux, openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, ARM server

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 Advances Docker Container Support

New service pack update debuts with Portus project for Docker container registry management.

Tags: Linux, SUSE, SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, containers, Docker Containers, Linux servers, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, Docker Inc.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Comes to IBM Power

IBM's Power servers get their own SAP application-optimized version of SUSE Linux.

Tags: SAP, SUSE, SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SAP HANA, IBM Power Systems, POWER8 processor

SUSE Brings Live Patching and Ceph Storage to Its Enterprise Linux

General availability of technology from the kGraft project brings the promise of easier updates with less server downtime.

Tags: Cloud, enterprise linux, Linux server, SUSE Linux, Storage, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Debuts

The first major update to SUSE's flagship distribution since the company was split out from Novell is now available.

Tags: Linux server, SUSE, SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Linux servers, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

SUSE Updates Enterprise Linux Server with Secure Boot

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 3 packs in new scalability features without rebasing to a new Linux kernel.

Tags: servers, Linux server, SUSE, SUSE Linux, openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Dell Partners with SUSE Linux for OpenStack

The new Dell SUSE Cloud Solution, Powered by OpenStack takes aim at private clouds.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Cloud, Dell, SUSE, SUSE Linux, PowerEdge, OpenStack, Dell PowerEdge

New SUSE Manager Improves Linux Server Control

SUSE leverages tech from the Red Hat-led Spacewalk effort to improve server management.

Tags: Fedora, SUSE, SUSE Linux, openSUSE, SUSE Gallery, OpenStack

OpenSUSE 12.2 Stabilizes Linux

A two month delay enhances the stability of the Linux distribution, but where does OpenSUSE go from here?

Tags: Linux, Linux server, SUSE, SUSE Linux, openSUSE, server os

SUSE Linux Building Commercial Open Source OpenStack Offering

The new OpenStack private cloud will take full advantage of SUSE Studio and cloud management capabilities.

Tags: open source, cloud management, private cloud, SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, OpenStack

Intel Xeon E5 Heads to Linux

New Intel server CPU is already ready for Linux.

Tags: Linux, Intel, Dell, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, SUSE Linux, intel e5

Dell Joins Novell for Linux Appliances

SUSE Linux Appliance program expands with Dell partnership.
Tags: Linux, Dell, server hardware, appliance, SUSE Linux

5 Operating Systems Making News This Week

With OpenSUSE safe for the time being and Novell holding fast to its UNIX copyrights, many in the open source world have much to smile about this week. Ubuntu's announcement that it is not moving to a rolling release and yet another Chrome delay are also top of mind, as is some info on jailbreaking your Windows Phone 7.
Tags: Unix server, Ubuntu Server, SUSE Linux, server os, Windows 7 Phone

Novell Expands Cloud Computing Linux to Amazon

Novell extends its SUSE Linux to run on Amazon EC2 as efforts ramp up among Linux vendors to offer customers ways to transition their workloads to cloud computing environments.
Tags: cloud computing, Amazon, Novell, SUSE Linux, SUSE Studio

VMware Embraces Novell's SUSE Linux OS for Appliances

New deal will see SLES packaged with vSphere appliances as VMware chooses a default Linux distribution for its offering.
Tags: server virtualization, VMware, vSphere, linux os, SUSE Linux

Novell: This Linux OS Vendor Went to Market

OS Roundup: And found the sum of its parts is worth more than the whole. Despite claims to the contrary, Novell has put itself up for sale. Will anyone want its Linux OS?
Tags: Novell, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OS, linux os, SUSE Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 1 Unveiled

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 with Service Pack 1, offering improved virtualization and more flexible maintenance and support.
Tags: virtualization, enterprise linux, SUSE Linux

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