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New Supermicro SuperBlades Pack Some Serious Power

Supermicro's latest blade servers feature Intel Broadwell CPUs and when paired with NVMe and SSD disks are total screamers in terms of performance.

Tags: SSD, blade, blade servers, servers, blades, server review, SuperMicro, tower, nvme, Windows Server 2016

Linux 3.9 Clamps Down on Power, Speeds Up with SSDs

Latest Linux kernel debuts new capabilities that will speed up servers and make them more power efficient.

Tags: Linux, SSD, Linux server, Linux 3.9

HDD Shortage May Incentivize More Sophisticated Storage Management

Flooding in Thailand, one of the centers of hard disk drive manufacture, this monsoon season has caused a severe shortage in hard disks. Organizations may take a better look at thin provisioning, tiering, deduplication and solid state drives as a result.

Tags: Intel, SSD, deduplication, dedupe, solid state disk, HDD

FlashSoft Tackles I/O Bottleneck on Server Side

Startup firm's software makes enterprise flash available as a server-tier computing resource.
Tags: Flash, SSD, I/O, I/O Virtualization, Flash Storage

6 Server Trends Storage Admins Can't Ignore

What happens in the server market, typically doesn't stay in the server market and often has a direct impact on storage. Savvy storage admins will be keeping an eye on these six server trends.

Tags: SaaS, SSD, HP, SATA, BladeSystem, Storage Administrator, Server Administrator

10 Server Predictions for '11

10 predictions based on server trends and server hardware evolution. How accurate will they be?
Tags: SSD, server hardware, hypervisor, OS, 2011

Solid State Disk in eX5 servers

This blog posting gives data on the use of SSDs in new IBM eX5 servers
Tags: server, SSD, solid state drive

No more bottlenecks: Accelerating real-time data access in blades the solid state way

NAND Flash-based cards add terabytes of DRAM-like acceleration to blades in a new persistent memory tier with advanced error checking, self-healing and RAID5-like redundancy.
Tags: server, SSD, blade, HP, solid state drive

Database Acceleration via SSD

Instead of heavy wastage of storage resources as a means of providing fast access to storage, this paper covers how to accelerate database access with flash-based SSD.
Tags: server, SSD, solid state drive

SSDs, Coming Soon to a Server Near You

Cover Your Assets: SSDs aren't just for netbooks and notebooks anymore. They're headed to your data center.
Tags: SSD, NAS, Storage

Brace Yourself for the SSD Revolution

Solid state drives are poised to sweep away a large percentage of conventional hard drives in servers and enterprise storage devices.
Tags: SSD, disk drives, Storage

SSDs, The Pros and Cons

Solid state drives show much promise but their drawbacks may limit widespread adoption any time soon.
Tags: Intel, SSD, HP, Storage

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