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Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements

Integration with Database and Java development teams leads to new server CPU innovations.

Tags: Java, database, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, servers, server hardware, SPARC, SPARC M7

Oracle Unveils Big Memory Machine to Support In-Memory Databases

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison kicks off OpenWorld with new hardware and software releases.

Tags: database, Oracle, data center, servers, SPARC, In-memory database, In-Memory, M6-32

Oracle's New SPARC SuperCluster T5-8 Includes Intel Xeon

While most of Oracle's Engineered Systems run on Intel x86 with Linux, the new SuperCluster is the exception to that rule, running on Solaris and using both SPARC and Intel.

Tags: Oracle, servers, Exadata, SPARC, Exalogic, sparc supercluster, Intel Xeon

What's Next for IBM Power? [VIDEO]

IBM Server Chief talks about Linux and takes aim at Oracle SPARC.

Tags: Linux, Oracle, IBM, Power7, IBM Power System, SPARC, IBM Power Series, POWER7+

Big Blue Strikes Back Against Oracle SPARC Power Claims

Whose systems are faster: Oracle's SPARC or IBM's Power?

Tags: Oracle, IBM, servers, POWER 7, IBM Power System, SPARC, IBM Power Series, Power 8

Oracle Accelerates Servers with New T5 and M5 SPARC Lines

Oracle updates its high-end and mid-range portfolios of SPARC server chips and systems.

Tags: Oracle, servers, SPARC, Server Market, T5, M5

Oracle's Server Woes Hit the Bottom Line

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reveals new SPARC processor set to debut next week.  Will it help lead a hardware turnaround?

Tags: Oracle, Sun, servers, Exadata, SPARC, Exalogic, quarterly financials

Oracle SPARC Server Buying Guide

Oracle recently introduced a new line of SPARC servers and a SPARC SuperCluster based on its brand new T4 chip. Here's a rundown of the new product offerings.

Tags: Oracle, SPARC, sparc supercluster, t4 chip

Oracle Supercluster Pushes SPARC Forward

Oracle CEO announced new SPARC T-4 based systems while leveling a competitive barrage against IBM.

Tags: Oracle, Solaris, SPARC

Oracle Server Buyer's Guide

More than a year after acquiring Sun Microsystems, the question remains: Where is Oracle going with its Sun server bounty, and where does it see the industry heading?
Tags: Oracle, buyer's guide, x86 server, netra, SPARC

Oracle Debuts SPARC Supercluster

Oracle updates Sun hardware lineup with new SPARC based servers for the cloud, delivering record setting performance.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, InfiniBand, SPARC

Oracle Commits to Sun Hardware

After Oracle's acquisition, Sun Microsystems has turned a profit for the first time in more than a year.
Tags: Oracle, server, Sun Microsystems, SPARC

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