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Virtual Machine Management on the Cheap for SMBs

With many SMBs becoming deeply involved in server virtualization, there's a growing need for simplified tools to manage their virtualized infrastructure.

Tags: virtualization, SMB, virtualized, server virtualization, Virtualization Management, virtually speaking, 5Nine, virtualized IT environment

SuperMicro SuperServer 5037C-T, a Server Option Beyond the Big Three

Looking for a solid entry-level server? Prefer to work with a smaller reseller rather than a large OEM? The SuperMicro SuperServer 5037C-T might be just right for your organization.

Tags: SMB, server hardware, SuperMicro, tower

Dell KACE Debuts SMB System Management Appliance

Linux-powered appliance provides server and asset management capabilities.
Tags: server, SMB, Dell, Kace, appliance

White Box Server Market Evolves Past Commodity Status

White box vendors were once known for being an inexpensive source for hardware. Today, with IBM, Dell and HP selling commodity servers at similar, and sometimes lower, price points, these companies must find an underserved niche if they are to survive. Electronics Nexus is one company that has been able to this by selling high-end custom servers and GPU supercomputers to SMBs.
Tags: IBM, SMB, HP, server hardware, whitebox

Power Protection Strategies for Small and Midsize Businesses

Keeping systems up and running through a power outage is a vital part of any disaster recovery plan. One way to accomplish this is with a UPS, but careful planning is still required, and other options may be more appropriate.
Tags: SMB, power management, disaster recovery, ups, power and cooling

Storage Virtualization for Small and Midsize Businesses

Storage budgets may not be on the chopping block, but storage professionals remain charged with cutting costs. One area where small businesses find potential for high return on investment is storage virtualization.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, SMB, storage vendors

Lacie Announces Small Business Backup Server

The 5big backup server runs Microsoft's Windows Home Server.
Tags: server, SMB, small business server, Backup Server

Microsoft Aurora SMB Server Details

Designed for SMBs, Microsoft claims its Aurora server delivers traditional and cloud capabilities.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, SMB, SMB server, Aurora

NetApp Offers Data Center Management Services to SMB

The company is collaborating with Microsoft to leverage the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters.
Tags: Microsoft, SMB, data center management, NetApp

NetApp Integrates with Microsoft for SMB Cloud Services

The Toolkit provides code and guidance for building cloud services powered by Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V.
Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, SMB, NetApp, Dynamic Data Center

Midsize Businesses Consider Server Virtualization

According to industry reports, interest in server virtualization among US medium-size businesses has increased in the past year.
Tags: SMB, server virtualization

Netvoyager Releases Entry Level Thin Client

The new entry level thin client features Netvoyager's Linux based PhoenixOS.
Tags: server, SMB, processor, thin client, PhoenixOS

VM6 Ships Updated Virtualization Software for SMB

Version 2.1 of the VMex virtualization system offers clustering, network, storage, virtualization management and monitoring capabilities.
Tags: virtualization, SMB, business continuity, business applications, Virtual Network

IBM Announces New Server and Storage Products

The new System x3620 M3 Express runs on Intel's latest Xeon multicore processors and is optimized for storage-intensive workloads.
Tags: server, IBM, SMB, x86

A SMB Guide to Windows Small Business Server

For many small businesses, experts say that email and file sharing are the top priorities.
Tags: Microsoft, server, SMB, small business server

Virtualization Engines for SMB Storage

Storage virtualization is gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes, but selecting and setting up storage virtualization can be complex.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, SMB, server virtualization

Virtualization Technology Even an SMB Can Love

Virtually Speaking: Does the virtualization technology behind VM6 VMex have what it takes to win over the most resource-constrained SMBs?
Tags: SMB, virtualization technologies, Windows Server 2008, virtualization technology, Hyper-V

Server Virtualization Choices for the SMB

Performance issues — like fault tolerance and redundancy are important as a single physical server failure can bring down mission critical virtual servers.
Tags: SMB, server virtualization, server platform, vitrual

Cloud Services Designed for Small Business

With cloud services, the small businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure.
Tags: server, software, SMB, cloud service, infrastructure

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 for SMB E-mail

With Microsoft Exchange Servers, businesses don't have to spend thousands to purchase servers.
Tags: server, SMB, Microsoft Exchange, E-mail server, Exchange Server 2010

Kemp Offers Load Balancer for SMB Hosts

New appliance gives managed providers serving the SMB market an enterprise-scale load balancer.
Tags: server, virtualization, SMB, load balancing, Kemp Technologies

Dell Releases SMB Servers to Help Slash Management Costs

Dell introduced easier-to-manage servers, storage systems and UPS designed to reduce management costs.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, SMB, Dell, Storage

Microsoft Claims Strong Lead for Hyper-V

Virtually Speaking: Microsoft claims a 24-point increase in Hyper-V penetration, but exactly what and how it's measuring is unclear. VMware, meanwhile, may be suiting up to grow its high-end base.
Tags: Microsoft, SMB, Hyper-V, hypervisor, VMware

Dell's Latest Virtual Expansion

Several new products and services expand Dell's virtualization offerings down to the mid-market and continue the firm's simplification drive.
Tags: virtualization, SMB, Dell

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