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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Buying SGI for $275M

Move brings additional High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data technology to HPE.

Tags: data center, servers, SGI, HPC, big data, high performance computing, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE

Intel Unveils New Xeon Chips for More Dynamic Data Center

The Xeon E5-2600 v2 lineup includes almost two-dozen chips for not only servers but also storage and networking systems.

Tags: data storage, cloud computing, IBM, Intel, processors, HP, servers, SGI, Cray, enterprise networking, SDN, it mobility

New Windows Record Shattered by SGI

SGI stands to benefit from a new round of Microsoft certs as the company looks to run hundreds of physical cores on Windows Server.
Tags: Windows, Microsoft, Intel, SGI

SGI Offers Management Software Across Servers to Racks

The new software provides a control center and central interface for system management of SGI platforms.
Tags: SGI, server tools, Linux. Monitor

SGI Modular Data Center for Extreme Server Densities

The company has announced a new Universal ICE Cube modular data center for extreme server and storage densities.
Tags: data center, SGI, modular data center

SGI Announces Altix ICE 8400 Blade Platform

Altix ICE 8400, with its innovative blade design, scales to up to 65,536 compute nodes.
Tags: blade, SGI, HPC, server blade, node

SGI Announces the InfiniteStorage Server 3500

SGI has released InfiniteStorage Server 3500, a fully integrated storage server that offers high density and power efficiency.
Tags: server, Enterprise, protocols, SGI, HPC

SGI Offers AMD Opteron 6000 in Server Lines

The company has extended support for AMD Opteron processors across its entire design-to-order server portfolio.
Tags: server, server hardware, AMD, SGI, Opteron 6000

SGI Resurrects Origin x86 Server Line With New Xeons

The classic brand is reborn as a super-dense, all-in-one x86 server with an integrated SAN, while larger siblings will sport more than 1,000 cores for virtualized environments.
Tags: virtualization, blade, x86 servers, Xeon, SGI

Intel, Oracle Stand Tall in Changing Landscape

Virtually Speaking: As venerable stalwarts, like SGI and Borland, and young companies, like Virtual Iron, are going extinct, some of the big guns are evolving and holding the line.
Tags: Oracle, cloud computing, virtualization, SGI, Itanium

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