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Using Netsh to Manage Remote Servers and Workstations

The Windows network shell can help you configure network-related settings via the Command Prompt, and even better, it can also be used to efficiently manage remote machines.

Tags: Network Management & Monitoring, servers, Remote Server Management, Remote Server, workstations, server tutorial, Netsh, Network shell

10 Server and Admin BlackBerry Apps

These 10 BlackBerry smartphones apps make monitoring, connecting, transferring and managing your servers a snap.

Tags: mobile, smartphone, BlackBerry OS, Remote Server Management

12 Awesome Server Admin Apps for Windows Phone 7

Managing your data center from your smart phone is no longer fantasy. Server admins will find a wide selection of Windows Phone 7 apps to monitor, manage and administer as well as perform a variety of server-related tasks.

Tags: mobile, smartphone, windows phone 7 series, Remote Server Management

10 Server and Admin Apps for Your iPhone or iPad

Find out the 10 best iOS-powered apps for server monitoring, transferring files and administering your data center from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
Tags: iPhone, iPad, iOS 4, Data Center Management Software, Remote Server Management

11 Server Apps for Android OS Devices

Need remote monitoring and management for servers in you data center? Android's got (many) an app for that.
Tags: Linux, Android, data center management, smart phone, Remote Server Management

Monitor Servers With ServerUp for Android Phones

The ServerUp mobile application for Android devices allows an admin to check on servers remotely.
Tags: Android, server management, Remote Server Management

New Version of OTPortal for Remote Server Management

The web-based portal simplifies remote server management of colocated and managed servers.
Tags: Remote Server Management

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