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Red Hat Grows 1Q17 Revenue to $568M as OpenStack Expectations Rise

Red Hat CEO announces a new acquisition and talks about OpenStack revenue opportunities.

Tags: OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud, Red Hat OpenStack, Red Hat, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0, quarterly earnings, red hat linux

Red Hat Plans to Reset Its OpenStack Release Cycle

[VIDEO] Mark McLoughlin, Director of OpenStack Engineering at Red Hat, discusses how his firm is fine-tuning its OpenStack efforts.

Tags: OpenStack Liberty, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack Platform, Linux, Red Hat, OpenStack Mitaka, engineering, OpenStack

SELinux vs Systemd: What's Safer for Linux Servers?

At CoreOS Fest, Lennart Poettering, one of the co-inventors of systemd, explains how Systemd works and how it compares to SELinux.

Tags: CoreOS, CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora Linux, Linux security, systemd, Linux servers, SELinux, Linux, CoreOS Fest

Top 10 Linux Server Distributions of 2016

The Top 10 Linux server operating system distros ranked by ease of use, cost, available support and data center reliability.

Tags: linux server distro, Linux servers, Linux server distributions, best linux server, Debian, Oracle, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Linux server

TripleO Evolves for OpenStack Deployments

Red Hat is now relying on OpenStack-on-OpenStack to enable the cloud.

Tags: OpenStack-on-OpenStack, TripleO OpenStack, cloud computing, Red Hat, open source, OpenStack

Red Hat Crosses $2B in Revenue as OpenStack Cloud Grows

It's not just Linux alone anymore as Red Hat grows middleware and cloud potential.

Tags: Mirantis, cloud computing, Red Hat, middleware, Red Hat OpenStack, Cloud, hybrid cloud, OpenStack, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Enters Beta

Although it's no longer the leading edge of Red Hat's product portfolio, RHEL 6 is still getting new features.

Tags: Libreswan, open source, Linux, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Openswan, Red Hat, VPN

Rackspace Partners with Red Hat for Private OpenStack Cloud Deployment

Darrin Hanson of Rackspace talks about his company's new offering with Red Hat and the current state of the Private (OpenStack) cloud.

Tags: OpenStack Cloud, Red Hat, cloud deployment, cloud computing, open source, OpenStack, Rackspace Cloud, Rackspace, private cloud

Top 10 Virtualization Technology Companies for 2016

Containers may be stealing the headlines these days, but server virtualization software technology still dominates the data center. Check out ten virtualization vendors that deliver the best virtualization software solutions today.

Tags: containerization, virtualized infrastructure, Hyper-V, KVM, VMware, Huawei, VMware vSphere, Oracle, containers, Parallels, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, virtualization, Red Hat, Citrix

Red Hat Continues to Grow by Taking Share from Others

Red Hat reports third quarter revenue of $524 million as it marches toward $2 billion in revenue for the full year.

Tags: RedHat, earnings report, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, Linux, Cloud, red hat linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Adds Security, DR Features

This year's second major milestone release of the leading Linux operating system platform provides new security features as well as improved disaster recovery.

Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, Fedora Linux, disaster recovery, enterprise linux, security, open source, Red Hat, DNS security

Fedora 23 Linux Secures Servers and the Cloud

The latest milestone release of Red Hat's community Linux distribution improves workstation, server and cloud capabilities, with new container creation capabilities coming in Fedora 24.

Tags: Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server, Fedora Cloud, Fedora 23, Fedora 24, Fedora, Linux, cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat, Linux server

Red Hat CEO Optimistic on OpenStack Revenue Opportunity

Red Hat is now on track for $2 billion in fiscal 2016 revenue.

Tags: Red Hat, open source, RHEL 7, OpenStack, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux server, earnings report

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Enters Beta with Improved Container Support

Containers and enhanced security are a key focus in the new RHEL platform preview.

Tags: Red Hat 7, OverlayFS, container deployment, containers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, RHEL 7.2, Linux server, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2

Red Hat Expands OpenStack Options as Survey Shows Strong Potential

Continued strong demand brings optimism, but a lack of internal IT skills remains a key barrier to adoption for OpenStack.

Tags: Red Hat, Cloud, cloud computing, OpenStack Summit, OpenShift, OpenStack, PaaS, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0

Top 10 Linux Server Distributions of 2015

The Top 10 Linux server operating system distros ranked by ease of use, cost, available support and data center reliability.

Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, linux server distro, distro, RHEL, Oracle, Linux server

CoreOS Advances Application Container Specification Effort

Apcera, Google, Red Hat and VMware are supporting CoreOS' application container specification effort, which extends the reach of containers beyond Docker.

Tags: Red Hat, CoreOS, Google, VMware, docker, application container specifications, Apcera, containers

Red Hat Fiscal 2015 Revenue $1.79 Billion: OpenStack and OpenShift Leading the Way

Cross-selling, OpenShift and OpenStack, as well as the acquisitions of Inktank and eNovance, spur Red Hat forward.

Tags: Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0, earnings report, OpenStack, Red Hat, open source, Cloud, OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift Commons Opens Up PaaS Conversations

There is a lot to talk about and learn when it comes to PaaS and best practices for DevOps, and Red Hat wants to help facilitate that conversation.

Tags: Red Hat 7, RHEL, platform as a service, Red Hat, DevOps, OpenShift, Linux, PaaS, virtualization

Red Hat Primes ARM Server Ecosystem with Early Access Program

Red Hat doesn't yet provide full support on ARM, but it is building a robust partner program to do so.

Tags: Red Hat, ARM server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack 6 Previews TripleO

The new release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform includes OpenStack-on-OpenStack (TripleO), which will let clouds deploy and build other clouds.

Tags: OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, Juno, Red Hat, cloud computing, Hadoop

Docker 1.5 Brings IPv6 Support to Containers

The first major milestone release from the open-source Docker project in 2015 debuts with new features that will pave the way for the year ahead.

Tags: Docker virtualization container, IBM, open source, Microsoft, IPv4, Amazon, VMware, IPv6, Red Hat

Red Hat's OpenStack Tech Leadership Discusses Cloud Direction [VIDEO]

Mark McLoughlin, Red Hat's OpenStack technical lead, details cloud product efforts at the Linux leader.

Tags: Linux servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack, servers, OpenStack Cloud, cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat, RedHat

Red Hat Looks to OpenShift Containers for the Future

Red Hat reports third quarter fiscal 2015 earnings of $456 million, and the company sees emerging opportunities for further growth.

Tags: earnings report, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack, servers, cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat, OpenShift

Docker Updates for Three Security Vulnerabilities

Docker 1.3.3 provides security updates although Red Hat doesn't consider the issues serious.

Tags: privilege escalation bug, container virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, open source, security vulnerabilities, virtualization, docker

Red Hat Pushes Forward with CentOS [VIDEO]

Red Hat EVP and President Paul Cormier explains how CentOS fits in and why Red Hat doesn't draw a line for open source.

Tags: RHEL, Linux, Linux server, Red Hat, CentOS

Red Hat Expands OpenShift PaaS and Container Efforts

OpenShift 2.2, xPaaS and Red Hat Atomic Host beta make their debuts this week.

Tags: Docker Containers, Red Hat Atomic Host, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, PaaS, Red Hat, OpenShift, docker, OpenShift Enterprise 2, containers

Mirantis Raises $100M for OpenStack Cloud Efforts

Armed with its latest funding round, OpenStack specialist Mirantis is positioning itself for an IPO in 2016.

Tags: open source, Linux, Cloud, Intel, Red Hat, Dell, Cisco, Mirantis, OpenStack, IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co., IPO, SUSE, Canonical, Piston Cloud Computing, AT&T

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Debuts with Support on RHEL 7

New features that first appeared in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 come to RHEL 6 as users now also get the ability to run RHEL 6 on RHEL 7.

Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat 7, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux server, server os, Linux, RHEL 6.6

Red Hat Set to Grow Thanks to Cloud and Containers

The server OS vendor reports its second quarter fiscal 2015 revenue and paints an optimistic picture for the road ahead.

Tags: Docker Containers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, RHEL, Red Hat, quarterly earnings, docker, Cloud, RHEL 7

Red Hat Extends Cisco Server Partnership

A partnership between Red Hat and Cisco USC that began in 2009 is still going strong, with continued collaboration on the cloud a point of emphasis.

Tags: Cisco UCS, PaaS, Cisco, cloud computing, Red Hat, IaaS

Red Hat Aims for Linux Standards for ARM Servers

The company launches a partner program with ARM, AMD and others to develop a common platform for servers powered by ARM-based chips.

Tags: Applied Micro, IT infrastructure, mobile devices, Cavium, SoC, ARM processors, Linux, Intel, Red Hat, x86 servers, open source software, servers, AMD

Red Hat Pulls the Strings on Server Management with Satellite 6

Beta release sets the stage for next level of innovation in system management.

Tags: Red Hat, server management, servers, Puppet, system management

CentOS 7 Open-Source Server OS Arrives in Style

Red Hat-based CentOS 7 debuts less than a month after the general release of RHEL 7.

Tags: RHEL 7, Red Hat, CentOS 7, server os, server operating system, Linux server, CentOS, open source, Red Hat Server

Red Hat Revenues Power Forward in 2015

Red Hat CEO still sees share growth coming from Unix and Windows server migration as well as recent acquisitions.

Tags: earnings, Cloud, RHEL 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat 7, Linux server, Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Finally Hits the Big Time

After three years, RHEL 7 is now GA, but that doesn't mean RHEL users failed to benefit from features updates for RHEL 6.

Tags: docker, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, Red Hat 7, RHEL, RHEL 7, Linux server

HP Invests $1B in OpenStack Cloud, Rebrands Cloud OS as Helion

Hewlett-Packard renews its OpenStack commitment with a $1 billion, two-year investment in R&D and its new Helion cloud platform initiative.

Tags: HP, Red Hat, Havana, platform as a service, SUSE, hewlett-packard, Cloud OS, Icehouse, PaaS, Linux, Cloud Foundary, Helion, OpenStack Cloud

AMD Demos x86 APU Server Running Fedora Linux

The chip maker is looking to show the strength of the software ecosystem around heterogeneous computing processing.

Tags: CPU, open source, Red Hat, x86 servers, application developers, Fedora, SoC, GPU, AMD, IT infrastructure, processors, Linux

Red Hat Banking on OpenStack for Future Growth

Red Hat's fiscal 2014 revenues top $1.5 billion as interest in OpenStack and RHEL 7 set the stage for more growth to come.

Tags: open source, Linux, Cloud, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, OpenStack

Linux Kernel Patching Gets Dynamic

Oracle, SUSE and Red Hat have now all launched efforts that promise zero-downtime patching. How do the three approaches differ?

Tags: Oracle, server operating system, Linux server, Linux, SUSE, server os, Red Hat, kernel

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.3 Gets Real

Red Hat's data center virtualization technology gets a technology infusion from OpenStack.

Tags: OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, VMware, virtualization, Red Hat, data center, vSphere

Recapping the World of Server Virtualization in 2013

The virtualization space has seen significant changes over the past twelve months, but one key factor remains the same as we turn our attention to what 2014 might bring.

Tags: virtualization, Microsoft, cloud computing, KVM, server virtualization, cloud management, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, vSphere, VMworld, VMware, virtually speaking, RHEV

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Brings the Goods, Softly but Surely

Red Hat's RHEL is quietly evolving into a powerful server virtualization offering, and the latest release has more to offer than ever before.

Tags: virtually speaking, Red Hat, RHEL 6.5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, server virtualization, RHEL, Red Hat 7

Dell Sets Different Cloud Path Than HP, IBM

At Dell World, the vendor announces partnerships with Red Hat, Microsoft and Google, eschewing building its own public cloud.

Tags: IT infrastructure, open source, cloud computing, Google, Microsoft, HP, OpenStack, Dell, Red Hat, IBM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server OS Arrives in Beta

Red Hat customers can finally get their hands on an early version of the company's next-generation server operating system platform.

Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, Fedora 19, Linux, server os, Red Hat 7, Fedora, RHEL 6.5, Linux server, RHEL, RHEL 7

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Set to Include Docker Container Virtualization

VIDEO: Brian Stevens, CTO of Red Hat, talks about the next major release of Red Hat's flagship Linux operating system.

Tags: virtualization, PaaS, platform as a service, docker, IaaS, Red Hat, RHEL 7, Linux, Infrastructure as a Service

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Delivers Precision Timing

Red Hat's new enterprise Linux release debuts with new security, virtualization and time-keeping features.

Tags: virtualization, Linux, Red Hat, Enterprise, security, precision timing, Network Timing Protocol, RHEL 6.5, Precision Timing Protocol

SUSE Linux Goes Long on Support

Enterprise Linux vendor SUSE extends support term length for SLES 11 and builds on its partnership with Microsoft for systems management.

Tags: Red Hat, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE, Attachmate, open source, Linux, Novell, Microsoft

Red Hat Ramps Up Virtualization and Cloud Initiatives

Can Red Hat virtualization finally capitalize on new opportunities that will help it emerge from the enormous shadow cast by VMware, Microsoft and Citrix?

Tags: KVM, virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, cloud computing, Red Hat, virtually speaking, VMware, cloud management, RHEV

Oracle Updates Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Linux Servers

Latest Linux kernel from Oracle provides updated features and support.

Tags: Red Hat, RHEL, Linux server, Oracle, Linux kernel, Oracle Linux, UEK

OpenStack Demand Is High as Havana Debut Nears: Report

A Red Hat-sponsored report shows growth potential for the open-source OpenStack cloud, though there are some challenges.

Tags: Cloud, OpenStack, open source, Red Hat

RHEL 6.5 Beta Debuts with SAP, Precision Timing Support

Red Hat is out with its latest enterprise Linux beta and this time enterprise software is a key target.

Tags: RHEL, RHEL 6.5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SAP, Red Hat, Linux, enterprise linux

Red Hat Releases RHEL 5.10 and Satellite Server 5.6

The venerable enterprise Linux platform gets even more stable while also receiving an updated version of MySQL.

Tags: Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL 5.10, RHEL 6, Satellite Server Management, RHEL

Fedora Linux 20 Gears Up to Be a Big Data Server

Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux set to integrate Hadoop in upcoming release.

Tags: Linux, Hadoop, ARM, Fedora, Red Hat, WildFly, JBoss, Fedora 20

Taking Stock of the State of the Server Virtualization Market

The latest report from Gartner on the server virtualization infrastructure market reveals an interesting surprise or two.

Tags: virtualization, Microsoft, hypervisor, server virtualization, Citrix, Red Hat, Gartner, VMware, virtually speaking

Software-Defined Data Centers Now More Than Just a Virtual Reality?

With the topic of software-defined data centers front and center among CIOs, where do SDDCs currently stand and what can we expect from them in the near future?

Tags: virtualization, VMware, software-defined, Software-Defined Infrastructure, Citrix, SDDC, Red Hat, software-defined data center

Oracle Linux Gains Momentum

With over 11,000 deployments on non-Oracle hardware, Oracle Linux is powering ahead.

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, RHEL, Linux server, Oracle Linux, Oracle

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 Updates Server Security and MySQL

Swan song for RHEL 5.x now in beta release.

Tags: RHEL, RHEL v5.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux server, Red Hat, servers, MySQL

Red Hat on RHEL 7, MariaDB and Enterprise Linux [VIDEO]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Chief Denise Dumas explains the MariaDB relationship and where the challenges are as RHEL 7 races to completion.

Tags: RHEL, GNOME desktop, MariaDB, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, Linux server, Linux, RHEL 7

Where Is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7?

Secure Boot, XFS, Open Virtual Switch all set to land in next major Red Hat platform release.

Tags: xfs, Red Hat, RHEL, secure boot, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cloud, RHEL 7

Red Hat Integrates OpenStack with Enterprise Linux [VIDEO]

Red Hat's CTO explains why his company is moving to a new model for OpenStack, where instead of two products, there will now be one that will accelerate Linux innovation for the cloud.

Tags: Cloud, RHEL, Red Hat, cloud platform, OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Shifts PaaS Online

After two years in development, Red Hat's OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service is now finally considered to be generally available.

Tags: PaaS, Cloud, IaaS, Red Hat, RedHat, cloud platform, OpenShift, OpenStack

How Red Hat Does Open Source: From GNOME to OpenStack

Red Hat's Mark McLoughlin currently holds the title as the top OpenStack developer in the world by volume of code commits, but he wasn't always a cloud guy.

Tags: Cloud, open source, Red Hat, cloud computing, OpenStack Grizzly, OpenStack

Red Hat Sets JBoss Free with WildFly Application Server

Next-generation open source Java Application Server Project begins to take shape.

Tags: application server, Red Hat, middleware, JBoss, WildFly

Red Hat Launches Open Source OpenStack RDO

Linux vendor's new OpenStack distribution aims to make it easier to get up and running on the open source cloud.

Tags: OpenStack, OpenStack RDO, Cloud, open source, cloud computing, Red Hat

OpenStack Grizzly Cloud Poised for Enterprise Release

Linux leader Red Hat details open source innovation in the latest OpenStack cloud platform release.

Tags: OpenStack, OpenStack Grizzly, Cloud, open source, cloud computing, Red Hat

Red Hat Taps Former Microsoft Exec as New Server Virtualization Chief

Radhesh Balakrishnan hired away from Microsoft to help spur Red Hat's role in virtualization and the cloud over the coming years.

Tags: OpenStack, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat, server virtualization, open source, cloud computing, Cloud, Microsoft, virtualization

Red Hat Updates OpenShift PaaS

The Linux vendor releases OpenShift Enterprise 1.1 as plans for converged cloud server offerings continue to ramp up.

Tags: Red Hat, OpenShift, OpenStack, PaaS, open source, cloud computing

Red Hat Grows Top Deals as Private Cloud Management Enters Batting Practice

The Linux server vendor takes aim at the private cloud and releases latest quarterly earnings report highlighted by public cloud growth.

Tags: Linux server, Linux, RHEL, public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, Red Hat, quarterly financials

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Set to Improve Microsoft Interoperability

The Linux vendor is working with Microsoft for the benefit of mutual customers.

Tags: RHEL, Linux, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL v6.x, Microsoft

Red Hat Revs Up Enterprise Edition of OpenShift Cloud Platform

The Linux vendor launches what it claims is the first open-source, on-premise Platform-as-a-Service offering for enterprises.

Tags: Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, cloud platform, OpenShift, PaaS, Cloud

Red Hat Accelerates Open Source Virtualization in RHEV 3.1 Release

Linux vendor takes aim at VMware with upcoming virtualization platform update.

Tags: RHEV, VMware, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat, VMware vSphere, virtualization

Red Hat Previews OpenStack Folsom Enterprise Cloud Release

The Linux vendor rebases its enterprise cloud distribution with preliminary support for Folsom.

Tags: cloud computing, OpenStack Folsom, Linux, Enterprise, Cloud, Red Hat, Folsom, OpenStack

What's the Real Story on KVM Usage?

While some surveys peg hypervisor usage of Red Hat's KVM at a meager 0.5%, support for KVM from vendors tells a different story.

Tags: virtually speaking, server, Red Hat, Cloud, virtualization, servers, server virtualization, hypervisor, KVM

OpenStack Open Source Cloud Distributions Take Shape

Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat explain how the nascent market for packaged cloud server distributions is beginning to shape up.

Tags: SUSE, Red Hat, cloud computing, Ubuntu, open source, OpenStack, distribution, Cloud

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