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Rackspace CTO: Open Rack Is Nice, But We Like Our White Boxes

With the cloud and data center vendor in continual need of new servers, what do they buy?

Tags: server, data center, Rackspace, whitebox, Rackspace Cloud, Open Compute, Open Rack

Rackspace Cloud (Just) Now Moving to OpenStack

While Rackspace helped to found OpenStack, the company is only just now beginning to adopt the project for its own cloud services.

Tags: Cloud, cloud services, private cloud, Rackspace, public cloud, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack

Cisco, Cloud Computing and Open Source Software

What do Cisco, the cloud and open source software have in common? Much more than you might think.
Tags: cloud computing, Cisco, open source software, UCS, Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace Offers Cloud Servers for Windows

The company has announced new features and full Windows Support in its Cloud Servers for Windows offering.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud server, Rackspace, Windows Server, Rackspace Cloud

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