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IBM POWER9 Server Zaius Announced by Google and Rackspace

Latest IBM Power server benefits from multiple sets of new technologies.

Tags: Google, IBM, servers, server hardware, Rackspace, IBM Power Series, IBM Power Systems, IBM Power, Zaius, IBM Power9, Power 9

Why Rackspace Is Bringing POWER to Its Data Centers

[VIDEO] John Engates, CTO of Rackspace, discusses the opportunities the OpenPOWER architecture brings.

Tags: data center, Rackspace, POWER 7, Power Systems, Power Systems servers, OpenPOWER

Rackspace Sells Cloud Sites Business to Liquid Web

Rackspace grows its Amazon services business, which apparently isn't cannibalizing its OpenStack revenues - yet.

Tags: AWS, Amazon Web Services, Amazon, Rackspace, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, Amazon AWS

Rackspace Embraces AppFormix for Private Cloud Control

AppFormix scores a big win for its cloud infrastructure management technology.

Tags: cloud management, private cloud, Rackspace, OpenStack, cloud control platform, OpenStack Cloud, AppFormix

OpenPOWER Foundation Details New Server Designs

Once solely the domain of IBM, multiple vendors are now building servers based on the POWER architecture.

Tags: open source, Google, IBM, servers, server hardware, Rackspace, OpenPOWER, OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM POWER8, IBM Power

OpenStack Public Cloud Options Expand with Mirantis Saudi Telecom Partnership

Though Rackspace appears to be retreating from the public OpenStack cloud market, there is still opportunity for telcos.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Rackspace, public cloud, OpenStack, Mirantis, OpenStack Cloud, Mirantis OpenStack 7

Rackspace Partners with Red Hat for Private OpenStack Cloud Deployment

Darrin Hanson of Rackspace talks about his company's new offering with Red Hat and the current state of the Private (OpenStack) cloud.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, cloud deployment, Red Hat, private cloud, Rackspace, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud

Rackspace Sees OpenStack Public Cloud Demand Slowing

As revenues rise at Rackspace, managed cloud services across multiple platforms is the strategy for the way forward.

Tags: Amazon Web Services, private cloud, Rackspace, public cloud, hybrid cloud, Rackspace Cloud, cloud strategy, OpenStack, Amazon AWS, managed cloud

Rackspace CEO Takes a Positive Spin from AWS for OpenStack Growth

Rackspace grows revenues and sees real potential for private clouds running OpenStack.

Tags: Cloud, private cloud, Rackspace, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, Amazon AWS

Docker Project Restructures to Improve Scalability, Openness

The popular open-source application container virtualization effort gets an overhaul in a bid to improve project organization.

Tags: open source, Rackspace, OpenStack, CoreOS, container virtualization, Docker container virtualization, Rocket

Rackspace Embraces OpenPOWER

Rackspace is now the 80th member of the IBM-led OpenPower Alliance, even though Rackspace has never actually deployed a Power system.

Tags: Cloud, IBM, data center, servers, Rackspace, power8, OpenPOWER, IBM POWER8

OpenStack Juno Cloud Features Trove Database-as-a-Service Updates

The upcoming open-source OpenStack Juno cloud platform will now support more databases and database features.

Tags: open source, NoSQL, MongoDB, databases, Redis, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle Database, Rackspace, Hewlett-Packard Co., Apache Cassandra, Couchbase, MySQL database, database as a service, Tesora, Trove, OpenStack Icehouse, OpenStack Juno

Rackspace Finally Goes Public with OpenStack Cloud Servers

After more than two years of promoting the open source OpenStack project, Rackspace is finally ready to deliver it for its own cloud customers.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Cloud, Rackspace, OpenStack

Rackspace CTO: Open Rack Is Nice, But We Like Our White Boxes

With the cloud and data center vendor in continual need of new servers, what do they buy?

Tags: server, data center, Rackspace, whitebox, Rackspace Cloud, Open Compute, Open Rack

Rackspace Cloud (Just) Now Moving to OpenStack

While Rackspace helped to found OpenStack, the company is only just now beginning to adopt the project for its own cloud services.

Tags: Cloud, cloud services, private cloud, Rackspace, public cloud, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack

VMware: OpenStack Is Immature

VMware's CEO emphasizes his company's strength in both private and public cloud infrastructure as revenues continue to grow.

Tags: Cloud, private cloud, VMware, Rackspace, public cloud, hybrid cloud, VMware vSphere, OpenStack

OpenStack Essex Delivers Cloud Dashboard

Latest open source OpenStack release provides new management, security, storage and compute features.

Tags: cloud computing, Rackspace, OpenStack

OpenStack Debuts TryStack

Open source cloud computing platform gets a new on-ramp with TryStack effort.

Tags: open source, Rackspace, OpenStack

Rackspace Opens Up OpenStack With Planned Foundation

A new open source foundation is set to take shape.

Tags: cloud computing, Rackspace, OpenStack Community, OpenStack

OpenStack Diablo Open Source Cloud Platform Accelerates High-Availability

Identity, networking, management and high-availability get a boost in new release of open source cloud platform.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, high availability, Rackspace, OpenStack

HP's OpenStack Cloud Goes Into Private Beta

OpenStack ecosystem continues to grow, but how do you move data across different OpenStack vendors?

Tags: HP, open source software, Rackspace, OpenStack

Nebula Seeks to Remake Cloud Infrastructure With Commodity Hardware Appliance

Built on technology developed at NASA, this startup aims to 'democratize' large-scale cloud computing deployments.
Tags: cloud computing, IT infrastructure, Rackspace, public cloud, secure

OpenStack Cactus Advances Open Source Cloud Computing

OpenStack expands with new API to create extensions.
Tags: cloud computing, open source software, Rackspace, OpenStack

Rackspace Looks to Bring Order to 'Cloud Chaos'

The purchase of Cloudkick means Rackspace Hosting can offer what it calls a cockpit for navigating complex environments.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Rackspace, OpenStack Community

OpenStack Delivers First Release of Cloud Computing Tech

An effort originally started by NASA and Rackspace three months ago is now releasing production-ready code as outside contributions pour in.
Tags: open source, cloud computing, open source software, Rackspace, NASA

Rackspace Offers Cloud Servers for Windows

The company has announced new features and full Windows Support in its Cloud Servers for Windows offering.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud server, Rackspace, Windows Server, Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace, NASA Partner on OpenStack Cloud Computing Install

New open source software effort is set to deliver technology for enterprise clouds, building on separate efforts currently under way at Rackspace and NASA.
Tags: cloud computing, open source software, KVM, Rackspace, NASA

Rackspace Cloud 'Drizzles' Into Open-Source Software

Rackspace is now a leading sponsor of MySQL spin-off Drizzle with a plan to help the open-source software project get in shape for cloud-based deployments.
Tags: MySQL, Cloud, Rackspace, open-source software, Drizzle

Measuring Key Cloud Metrics for Rackspace

When it comes to the economics of cloud computing, Rackspace suggests 'revenue per server' is the best metric.
Tags: cloud computing, server, metrics, Rackspace, server revenue

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