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Dell, HP, Cisco, Others Unveil Servers Running on New Intel Xeon Chips

The high-end systems are designed to tackle data-intensive workloads like big data, business intelligence and analytics and to challenge RISC systems.

Tags: enterprise software, Fujitsu, Intel, processors, Dell, ERP, HP, servers, RISC, NEC, Cisco Systems, HPC, SuperMicro, big data, Data Analytics

Now With Server Virtualization Capabilities -- IBM Launches Open Beta for AIX 7

High-end Unix systems aren't usually given the beta treatment, but IBM is betting on a wide test for some new virtualization capabilities.
Tags: IBM, Unix, RISC, server virtualization, AIX

IT Buying More x86 Servers, Paying Less: IDC

Sales of x86 servers are taking off like a shot, RISC is shriveling up, and prices are still dropping as IT buyers snap up less-expensive servers.
Tags: x86 servers, Unix, RISC, IDC, blades

Beyond x86 Servers: Should You Take a RISC?

As x86 servers increasingly dominate the landscape, is there room for RISC? Absolutely, says one prominent analyst.
Tags: x86 servers, hardware, Unix, x86, RISC

RISC to x86 Server Migration Buyer's Guide

As UNIX- and RISC-based servers lose ground to x86, should you consider making the switch? Is it the beginning of the end for UNIX servers?
Tags: Dell, RISC, Unix server, buyer's guide, x86 server

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