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Pretty Python Plotting With CairoPlot

Data aficionados constantly on the lookout for better ways to display charts and graphs will appreciate CairoPlot, Python-based plotting software pretty enough to impress even the most jaded Mac user.
Tags: open source, Python, open source software

Scientific Linux 6.0 Released

Linux adoption in the scientific community is very high. For the many organizations that want Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 but don't want to pay for it or wait for the next release of CentOS, Scientific Linux is worth a look.
Tags: Linux, Python, CentOS, open source software, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Monitoring Disk Usage With Iotop

Tip of the Trade: Hard disk thrashing? Check out Iotop, a Python program similar to top that enables you to keep an eye on disk I/O.
Tags: Python, Ubuntu, Debian, I/O, OS

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