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Red Hat Pulls the Strings on Server Management with Satellite 6

Beta release sets the stage for next level of innovation in system management.

Tags: Red Hat, servers, server management, system management, Puppet

Puppet Enterprise 3 Orchestrates Configuration

Software-Defined Infrastructure comes of age in the latest release of Puppet Enterprise.

Tags: Cloud, networking, Puppet, Storage, Puppet Enterprise, Software-Defined Infrastructure

Puppet Partners with EMC on Open Source Razor

New provisioning tool takes aim at bare metal server deployments.


Tags: open source, server, EMC, Servers & Services, Puppet, Puppet Labs, Bare Metal Provisioning, Bare Metal, Razor

Puppet Configures OpenStack

Open source cloud platform now has open source configuration options.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, open source software, Puppet, Puppet Labs, infrastructure management

Puppet Enterprise 2.5 Takes Aim at Infrastructure

The latest release of Puppet goes beyond simple server and application configuration.

Tags: open source software, Puppet, infrastructure management

Keep Configs Under Control With Etckeeper

Etckeeper makes it easy to keep your /etc directory and its related config files in a revision control system of your choice.

Tags: git, configuration management, Unix, Puppet

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