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Getting Started With Squid Proxy Server 3.1

Untangling the many tentacles of this popular proxy server is well worth the effort.
Tags: open source software, proxy, open source servers, proxy server, squid

Proxy Server How-To Guide

Setting up a proxy server is one way to protect your network.
Tags: how to, proxy, how-to, proxy server

New UnboundID Platform Supports Cloud Servers

The new platform includes the UnboundID Directory Server, Proxy Server, and Synchronization Server and supports cloud computing.
Tags: Cloud server, proxy server, Directory server, Synchronization Server, UnboundID

Jscape Announces New Version of Reverse Proxy

Jscape Reverse Proxy provides a lightweight product designed to allow internal documents to be accessible from the Internet.
Tags: server, FTP, proxy server, reverse proxy

The Truth About Servers

When people refer to a piece of a hardware as "a server," they typically mean that it is running one or more pieces of server software. You must go under the hood to really understand what the server is doing.
Tags: server, mail server, web server, proxy server, application server

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