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AMD Puts Pressure on Intel Server Processor Market Share

How long will Intel continue to dominate the server and PC processor markets?
Tags: server, Intel, server hardware, AMD, processor

The Current State of Server Technology

Server technology is at a crossroads as x86 performance threatens high-end RISC/Itanium dominance.
Tags: server, server hardware, x86, processor, server technology

Netvoyager Releases Entry Level Thin Client

The new entry level thin client features Netvoyager's Linux based PhoenixOS.
Tags: server, SMB, processor, thin client, PhoenixOS

Intel Announces 50-Core Supercomputer Processor

The processor consists of 50 x86 cores crammed onto a single 22-nanometer-process chip smaller than a postage stamp.
Tags: Intel, processor, supercomputer, HPC

Intel Details Eight-Core Nehalem-EX Successor

The new chips, code-named Westmere-EX, will be targeted at servers with four sockets and higher.
Tags: server, Intel, hardware, processor, Core

Server ARM-Based Chips Expected Within a Year

ARM plc has said that its architecture will be used in servers in the next 12 months.
Tags: server, processor, ARM, chip, low-power

Web Host Company Adds Intel Xeon Servers

The Planet adds powerful Xeon 7550-based servers for large in-memory databases or business-critical workloads.
Tags: server, Xeon, processor, web server, Web host

The Magny-Cours Launch Huge for AMD

The x86 server war heated up significantly with new offerings from Intel and AMD.
Tags: server, AMD, processor, Magny-Cours, 12-core Opteron

Microsoft Ends Server Support for Itanium

Windows Server 2008 R2 will be the last version of Windows Server to support the Intel Itanium architecture.
Tags: Intel, Windows Server 2008 R2, processor, 64-bit, Itanium

NEC Express5800 Enterprise Server Record

NEC is one of several server vendors getting a boost with the the Xeon 7500 series processor.
Tags: server, server hardware, processor, Xeon 7500

Xeon 5600 Lands Big Name Servers

Server manufacturers have embraced the six-core Xeon 5600s.
Tags: server, Intel, processor, Xeon 5600, server manufacturer

Who Will Win the Blade Battle?

It's a blade shoot-out for the virtual data center between Dell, HP, and IBM.
Tags: blade, processor, Xeon 5600, blade server

'Rising Tide' for x86 Servers Lifting Intel, AMD

A report from Broadpoint makes the argument that both chip makers will do better than expected because x86 server sales are poised to take off. No doubt IBM, HP and Dell are hoping that's the case.
Tags: Intel, x86, AMD, processor, x86 server

AMD 12 Core Server Chip Found at Online Store

An online eBay retailer lists the 12-core Opteron server ahead of the product's official launch.
Tags: server, processor, Opteron, Core, Magny-Cours

IBM launches Power7 Enterprise Servers

Starting with 'This is not a chip announcement,' IBM launched its new Power7-based servers at a press conference in Manhattan.
Tags: server, IBM, processor, Power7

A Look at Intel's Westmere EP Server Processor

The The Westmere-EP chips add two more cores to the processor and support Turbo Boost.
Tags: server, Intel, processor, chip, Westmere-EP

Intel, IBM to Launch New Server Chips Next Monday

Both companies will announce new server quad-core processors on Monday — neither admits to knowing the other picked the same day to do so.
Tags: server, IBM, Intel, processor, Quad core

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