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Rackspace Embraces AppFormix for Private Cloud Control

AppFormix scores a big win for its cloud infrastructure management technology.

Tags: cloud management, private cloud, Rackspace, OpenStack, cloud control platform, OpenStack Cloud, AppFormix

Server Spending Bolstered by Cloud Growth

IDC forecasts $38.2B will be spent on cloud infrastructure in 2016.

Tags: Cloud, private cloud, servers, server hardware, IDC, public cloud, server revenue, Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Machine Abstracts Cloud Servers

Oracle brings cloud servers on-premises with the new Oracle Cloud Machine.

Tags: Oracle, private cloud, server hardware, on-premises, Oracle Cloud, cloud servers

The Problem with Private Clouds

Simple-to-implement private clouds don't come cheap (think VMware), and cheaper options aren't simple to implement (think OpenStack). Fortunately, ZeroStack has a solution for smaller enterprises.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, private cloud, VMware, OpenStack, virtually speaking, public clouds, private clouds, VMware vCloud Air, ZeroStack

Rackspace Partners with Red Hat for Private OpenStack Cloud Deployment

Darrin Hanson of Rackspace talks about his company's new offering with Red Hat and the current state of the Private (OpenStack) cloud.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, cloud deployment, Red Hat, private cloud, Rackspace, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud

Rackspace Sees OpenStack Public Cloud Demand Slowing

As revenues rise at Rackspace, managed cloud services across multiple platforms is the strategy for the way forward.

Tags: Amazon Web Services, private cloud, Rackspace, public cloud, hybrid cloud, Rackspace Cloud, cloud strategy, OpenStack, Amazon AWS, managed cloud

Why Docker Needs OpenStack

VIDEO: Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, discusses the need for private cloud and why virtualization alone is not enough.

Tags: Linux, virtualization, private cloud, Mark Shuttleworth, OpenStack, Ubuntu Linux, Docker Containers

OpenStack Making Progress, but Manageability Remains a Concern

NEWS ANALYSIS: OpenStack is being widely deployed for enterprise cloud projects, but even its biggest advocates say the community must make the platform more manageable.

Tags: cloud computing, Amazon, cloud deployment, eBay, private cloud, KVM, platform as a service, PayPal, PaaS, OpenStack, containers, cloud applications, Open vSwitch, OpenStack Summit, docker, Kubernetes, Magnum, Storm Ventures

Rackspace CEO Takes a Positive Spin from AWS for OpenStack Growth

Rackspace grows revenues and sees real potential for private clouds running OpenStack.

Tags: Cloud, private cloud, Rackspace, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, Amazon AWS

Dell Sets the Stage for Hyper-V's Return to OpenStack

Once tech non grata, Microsoft's virtualization platform is making a comeback thanks to Dell.

Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization, Dell, private cloud, Hyper-V, public cloud, Hyper-V Cloud, OpenStack

Interop: From Server Virtualization to Private Cloud

Panel discusses what's needed to help server virtualization succeed in the cloud era.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, virtualization, virtualization cloud, private cloud, server virtualization

PayPal Picks OpenStack at VMware's Expense

What impact will PayPal's recent move to drop VMware have on the virtualization company's hopes of becoming a dominant player in cloud computing infrastructure?

Tags: cloud computing, private cloud, VMware, PayPal, public cloud, OpenStack, Cloud Infrastructure

Handling Heterogeneous Hypervisor Environments with HotLink's SuperVISOR

What's the dominant hypervisor today? While VMware may be the obvious answer, HotLink's CEO has a different take on the matter.

Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, private cloud, server virtualization, hypervisor, VM, VMware, hybrid cloud, virtually speaking, hotlink

Tips from Experts on Building a Private Cloud

Launching a private cloud can put you on the road to a streamlined, efficient and flexible IT infrastructure.  Avoid potential pitfalls and learn how to make the most of your private cloud with these five tips.

Tags: cloud computing, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, private clouds

Red Hat Grows Top Deals as Private Cloud Management Enters Batting Practice

The Linux server vendor takes aim at the private cloud and releases latest quarterly earnings report highlighted by public cloud growth.

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, private cloud, Linux server, RHEL, public cloud, hybrid cloud, quarterly financials

Dell Active Infrastructure: Converged IT for Private Clouds, VDI

In the converged infrastructure game, Dell is going all in.

Tags: Cloud, Dell, blade servers, private cloud, VDI, Dell PowerEdge, Dell Active System, converged IT

Windows Server 2012: Microsoft's Cloud OS Leaves the Gate

Microsoft makes it official in releasing a server OS that's "built from the cloud up."

Tags: Microsoft, private cloud, Windows Server, public cloud, hybrid cloud, Windows Server 2012, OpenStack

Piston's Airframe Arrives for OpenStack Private Cloud Systems

The company looks to stand out by making it easier for organizations to jump on the OpenStack bandwagon.

Tags: Cloud, private cloud, OpenStack, Piston, cloud platform

Hyper-V 2012 Heats Up VMware vs. Microsoft Server Virtualization Showdown

The recent barbs traded between VMware and Microsoft can mean only one thing -- each sees the other as a real threat in the server virtualization and private cloud computing markets.

Tags: Microsoft, server, virtualization, private cloud, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, VMware vSphere, virtually speaking

SUSE Linux Building Commercial Open Source OpenStack Offering

The new OpenStack private cloud will take full advantage of SUSE Studio and cloud management capabilities.

Tags: open source, cloud management, private cloud, SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, OpenStack

Cloud Sidekick Extends Community Edition with Storm Deployment Automation

Storm is a new declarative provisioning feature that enables cloud developers to create AWS CloudFormation compatible deployment configurations.

Tags: cloud computing, AWS, Cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, Cloud Sidekick

IaaS Meets PaaS: Piston Brings Cloud Foundry Platform to OpenStack

A new open source project lets Cloud Foundry PaaS run on OpenStack IaaS.

Tags: cloud computing, private cloud, hybrid cloud, PaaS, IaaS, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry

Network Virtualization Poised for Primetime?

Significant signs are starting to emerge that network virtualization is a technology whose time is about to arrive.

Tags: Cloud, virtualization, private cloud, Hyper-V, hypervisor, public cloud, network virtualization, hybrid cloud, Hyper-V Cloud

Rackspace Cloud (Just) Now Moving to OpenStack

While Rackspace helped to found OpenStack, the company is only just now beginning to adopt the project for its own cloud services.

Tags: Cloud, cloud services, private cloud, Rackspace, public cloud, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack

VMware: OpenStack Is Immature

VMware's CEO emphasizes his company's strength in both private and public cloud infrastructure as revenues continue to grow.

Tags: Cloud, private cloud, VMware, Rackspace, public cloud, hybrid cloud, VMware vSphere, OpenStack

Veeam's Management Pack Catches the Free Bug

The company is currently giving away its Management Pack for free, but there's a catch of course -- three, in fact.

Tags: cloud computing, private cloud, server virtualization, Hyper-V, hypervisor, VMware, public cloud, Hyper-V Cloud, Veeam

Windows Server 8 Now Officially Windows Server 2012

Microsoft settles on Windows Server 2012 to mark the imminent launch of its forthcoming "cloud-optimized" server OS.

Tags: operating system, Cloud, server, private cloud, Windows Server, server os, Windows Server 2012, windows server 8

Virtustream Offers "True Consumption-Based" Cloud Platform

The company's xStream platform is billed as a versatile solution for complex, large-scale deployments, offering support for public, private and hybrid clouds.

Tags: Cloud, virtualization, virtualization cloud, private cloud, managed service, public cloud, hybrid cloud, IaaS

VMware Takes Steps to Conquer Nascent Hybrid Cloud Market

VMware rules in the virtual data center and private cloud, but it's second runner up in the public cloud. With hybrid clouds  on their way to being the future of computing and a consistent infrastructure between enterprises and service providers critical to their success, is it any surprise VMware is taking steps to protect its virtual kingdom?

Tags: Microsoft, private cloud, server virtualization, VMware, Xen, public cloud, hybrid cloud, vCenter

The Battle for the Cloud Rumbles On

In the battle of the clouds, public cloud vs. private cloud vs. hybrid cloud, which model is best positioned to win?

Tags: cloud computing, private cloud, server virtualization, virtual machine, public cloud, hybrid cloud

Does Virtualization Deliver on Its Promise?

A recent survey from Symantec found that for many respondents, virtualization fell short of expectations. Why? The technology underpinnings of some flavors of virtualization aren't quite there yet.
Tags: storage virtualization, private cloud, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, hybrid cloud

Embotics Takes Command of Private Cloud Servers

V-Commander 4.0 software enables the development of self-service catalogs and rapid virtual machine provisioning.
Tags: virtualization, private cloud, server virtualization, IaaS, Embotics

10 Cloud-Based Services You Can't Live Without

If 2011 is 'The Year of The Cloud,' then it's time to get serious about cloud-based services. Will it be private cloud, public cloud, or a mixture of the two for your organization?
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, private cloud, public cloud, EC2

Did Cloud Computing Jump the Shark?

Gartner sees cloud computing on its way to the Trough of Disillusionment, while IDC says cloud computing is the fastest growing IT segment.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, private cloud, IDC, Gartner

Government Bodies Embrace Cloud Computing

Is government driving the cloud computing adoption bus? Limited budgets and expanding desktop computing costs made virtualization a popular choice among government entities, then the cloud beckoned.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, private cloud, government, VMware

Overwatch Uses VMLogix for Private Cloud

The company deploys VMLogix to create an on-premise private cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud server, private cloud, VMLogix

OpSource's Private Cloud Bridge

OpSource's latest offering may provide a bridge to the cloud for both skittish and resource-constrained enterprises and hosting providers that recognize the importance of cloud computing, but aren't sure how to get there.
Tags: cloud computing, private cloud, server virtualization, OpSource, Opscode

Azure for Private and Public Clouds

Microsoft is taking its Azure cloud computing platform private.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, Azure, private cloud, public cloud

From Obsolete Servers to Private Cloud in 3 Easy Steps

Frustrated with outdated equipment? Learn how to turn your old servers into a private cloud using open source tools.
Tags: cloud computing, CentOS, private cloud, server hardware, virtualbox

Halo Foundation Launches Xenserver Private Cloud Appliance

The HaloFC Extended Enterprise Platform installs via OVF and will manage Xen based instances 5.X or Xen Org instances of the Hypervisor as well as XCP based clouds.
Tags: cloud computing, server, private cloud, XenServer

GroundWork, Eucalyptus Partner for Cloud App Management

The enterprise cloud package provides server, middleware and application-level availability and monitoring across data-centers, public clouds and private clouds.
Tags: private cloud, server management, cloud app

Symbian Foundation Builds Private Cloud with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The Symbian Foundation has adopted Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Tags: Linux, Red Hat, private cloud, Enterprise, Symbian

VMware, RSA, Intel Join Forces to Secure Cloud Computing Environment

Virtually Speaking: VMware, Intel and RSA have partnered to make cloud computing more secure, for the private cloud. Will anyone care?
Tags: security, Intel, private cloud, VMware, RSA

VMware Leads the Charge

The next step is integrated management that reflects the new way of doing things in the virtual world.
Tags: virtualization, private cloud, hypervisor, VMware, next-generation

HP Cloud Services a Step Above IBM

HP is set to expand its consulting by offering private cloud design services.
Tags: cloud computing, IBM, HP, private cloud

Enterprises Support Private Clouds

Enterprises are not ready to tap in to public clouds, but many are experimenting with private cloud computing.
Tags: security, Cloud, private cloud, Enterprise

Dell Plans Stripped Down CloudEdge Servers

Dell plans to launch a line of stripped down CloudEdge servers for Web giants such as Yahoo and Facebook.
Tags: Dell, private cloud, servers, Enterprise, CloudEdge

Private Cloud, Defined

'Private cloud' is a term heard often these days. What does it actually mean?
Tags: cloud computing, security, Cloud, private cloud

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