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What's Next for IBM Power? [VIDEO]

IBM Server Chief talks about Linux and takes aim at Oracle SPARC.

Tags: Linux, Oracle, IBM, Power7, IBM Power System, SPARC, IBM Power Series, POWER7+

IBM Power Systems Buyer's Guide

IBM's release of the Power7 processor and a corresponding refresh of Power-based servers earlier this year has steadily breathed new life into what some believed was a stagnant product family. If you're in the market for a Unix server, here's what Big Blue has to offer.
Tags: IBM, Unix server, Power7, buyer's guide, Power Systems

New IBM POWER7 Blades, Systems Software, Services Cut IT Costs, Pave Way for New Workloads for Customers

POWER7 Systems Set Benchmark Records; Cut Software Licensing by up to 80%
Tags: server, IBM, virtualization, blade, Power7

POWER Overload

This blog posting looks at the new blade servers built on IBM’s POWER7
Tags: server, IBM, Power7

This Week on the Green Data Center Management Front

Among the big news this week for those looking to make their data center more environmentally friendly: Two IBM POWER7-based servers become the first four-processor systems in the industry to qualify for Energy Star status; NetApp announces plans to have execs, and other on hand to discuss green computing at SNW Spring 2010; and the feds are examining how cloud will save money and energy.
Tags: virtualization, data center management, Power7, green, environment

IBM launches Power7 Enterprise Servers

Starting with 'This is not a chip announcement,' IBM launched its new Power7-based servers at a press conference in Manhattan.
Tags: server, IBM, processor, Power7

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