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Calxeda ARM-Based Server Processor Lowballs Energy Usage

Firm patterns server processor off of mobile phone architecture as it envisions a data center defined by specialized hardware.

Tags: power management, mobile phone, power and cooling, Atom processor

Using Powertop to Lower System Power Usage

If you've been wondering what's sucking the life out of your Linux laptop's battery or driving those higher electric bills in the server room, be sure to check out Powertop. The popular Linux tool profiles systems to help determine which programs are using the most power.
Tags: open source, open source tools, open source software, power management, tip of the trade

Power Protection Strategies for Small and Midsize Businesses

Keeping systems up and running through a power outage is a vital part of any disaster recovery plan. One way to accomplish this is with a UPS, but careful planning is still required, and other options may be more appropriate.
Tags: SMB, power management, disaster recovery, ups, power and cooling

AMD Aims to Be the Power Behind the Cloud

Virtually Speaking: AMD's newest processor is designed to help the beleaguered chip vendor shoot for the cloud. Will its upward compatibility and power management features help on its journey?
Tags: cloud computing, power management, AMD, server virtualization, Opteron

Government Calls for Better Data Center Power Management

The Federal Government is looking for ways to better manage data center efficiency and reduce energy usage.
Tags: data center, data center management, power management

Server Technology Offers Sentry Power Manager Upgrade

The Sentry Power Manager software helps companies measure power consumption and deliver on green initiatives.
Tags: server, power management, server management, power

Data Center Management: Power Management and Virtualization

Despite adopting virtualization and power management techniques, data centers are still power-hungry.
Tags: data center, data center management, power management

CAStor Offers Power Conservation for Storage Server Hardware

Caringo has announced that its new CAStor 4.0 software includes an adaptive power conservation technology.
Tags: server, power management, server hardware, storage server

Eaton Power Management Integrates with VMware vCenter

The company's Intelligent Power Manager software are fully integrated into VMware's vCenter server virtualization platform.
Tags: virtualization, data center, power management, server virtualization

Power, Cooling and Data Center Design -- From Square One

Building a data center from scratch doesn't just mean getting the latest in gear. It also brings with it the latest power, cooling and data center design. Here's what one company did.
Tags: data center, power management, hardware, power and cooling

Is That a Web Server in Your Pocket?

Need a low-power Web server? Dell's latest offering, a VIA-based product, has a small footprint for both power consumption and real-estate. And it's not the only one of its kind.
Tags: server, Dell, power management, I/O, web server

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