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Zend Server 8.5 Announced as PHP 7 Release Nears

Latest release of the PHP application server benefits from a new add-on gallery, Z-Ray technology and new routing capabilities.

Tags: PHP, Zend, servers, application server, Zend Server, Zend Server 8, PHP 7

Zend Server 8 Delivers Z-Ray Application Insight

PHP server technology platform boosted with new Z-Ray feature, Power Linux support and cloud enhancements.

Tags: PHP, Zend, Cloud, OpenStack, Zend Server, Power Linux, Zend Server 8

IBM AS/400 Turns 25: Will It Last Another 25 Years?

IBM's System I isn't just a relic of the past and neither is RPG IV. Where are they going from here?

Tags: PHP, IBM, servers, POWER 7, IBM Power System, IBM i

Zend Debuts PHPcloud

New cloud service for PHP developers takes flight with tools to help build and test cloud applications.

Tags: open source, PHP, Zend, cloud computing

AppFog Expands Beyond PHP Servers in the Cloud

Startup formerly known as PHP Fog receives new funding as it expands into the PaaS server space.
Tags: PHP, cloud computing, open source software, PaaS, AppFog

PHP SQL Server Driver to Support PDO

The most recent SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0 offers support for PDO (PHP Data Objects).
Tags: PHP, SQL Server, Driver, PHP 2.0

Shell Scripts and Here Documents

Tip of the Trade: A here document, or heredoc, is one way to get text input into a script without feeding it from a separate file. If the data or script is complicated, however, keeping the two separate is generally a better idea.
Tags: open source, PHP, Linux, programming, script

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