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AMD Updates SeaMicro Cloud Server with Ivy Bridge Xeons, Piledriver Opterons

The embattled chip maker sets its sights on Big Data and cloud servers with new SeaMicro hardware.

Tags: Cloud server, Xeon, AMD, Opteron, SeaMicro, hybrid cloud, big data

AMD Sets Sights on Web Services With New Opterons

AMD's plans for SeaMicro begin to crystallize as the company offers up new, low-power Opteron 3200s.

Tags: AMD, Opteron, SeaMicro

Dell AMD Server Buying Guide

Dell believes the latest refresh of its AMD PowerEdge servers gives it a leg up on the competition when it comes to performance.

Tags: Dell, AMD, Opteron, Buying Guide, PowerEdge, Dell PowerEdge

HP's ProLiant DL 385 G7 Packs Powerful Punch

Plenty of possibilities from the latest version of this AMD Opteron powered workhorse.
Tags: HP, Opteron, x86 server, ProLiant

AMD Aims to Be the Power Behind the Cloud

Virtually Speaking: AMD's newest processor is designed to help the beleaguered chip vendor shoot for the cloud. Will its upward compatibility and power management features help on its journey?
Tags: cloud computing, power management, AMD, server virtualization, Opteron

AMD's New Opteron 4100 Series Features Power Efficiency for x86 Servers

Coming in below AMD's high-end Magny-Cours design, the Opteron 4100 is aimed at x86 server customers concerned with power efficiency and long-term compatibility.
Tags: cloud computing, server, x86 servers, AMD, Opteron

Is Oracle Ready to Dump AMD From Sun's x86 Server Lineup?

Sun traditionally offered both AMD and Intel processors in its x86 server lineup. Now, it's looking like AMD's Opteron won't make the cut under Oracle's ownership.
Tags: Oracle, Intel, x86 servers, AMD, Opteron

Oracle Abandons AMD Opteron on Sun Servers

The new Sun Microsystems owner plans to discontinue existing Opteron servers.
Tags: Oracle, server, Sun, AMD, Opteron

eRacks Announces 48-Core 1U Rackmount Server

With the new Opteron 6100 series, the company says they are able to squeeze up to 48 cores in a 1U system.
Tags: server, Opteron, rackmount, eRacks

AMD 12 Core Server Chip Found at Online Store

An online eBay retailer lists the 12-core Opteron server ahead of the product's official launch.
Tags: server, processor, Opteron, Core, Magny-Cours

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