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Using Powertop to Lower System Power Usage

If you've been wondering what's sucking the life out of your Linux laptop's battery or driving those higher electric bills in the server room, be sure to check out Powertop. The popular Linux tool profiles systems to help determine which programs are using the most power.
Tags: open source, open source tools, open source software, power management, tip of the trade

Using Taskset for Priority Tasks

A tisket, a tasket, be sure to use the open source server tool taskset for priority tasks.
Tags: open source tools, Linux server, tip of the trade, taskset

Using Strace to Trace Problems

If you're having trouble figuring out why a program keeps crashing and burning, consider Strace, an easy-to-use diagnostic tool. More experienced users will find Strace handy for performance testing and more.
Tags: open source tools, open source software, OS, utility, tip of the trade

Getting Started With Apache Tomcat 7

Apache Tomcat is open source software that implements Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages, enabling sites to run Java servlets and Java-based dynamic content. Version 7.0.2 is in a mature beta, but is it data center ready?
Tags: Apache, open source tools, open source software, Apache Software Foundation, Tomcat

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