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Kaleao Comes to Hyperconverged Space With ARM-Based Systems

The startup also is using a new technology officials call "microvisors" to create KMAX appliances that are scalable and power-efficient.

Tags: servers, server virtualization, open-source software, ARM processors, hyperconverged infrastructure, Kaleao

Huawei Launches Labs to Drive Open Cloud Networks

The Cloud Open Labs are part of the vendor's All Cloud strategy to make it easier for telco operators to migrate their infrastructures to the cloud.

Tags: cloud computing, open-source software, Huawei, enterprise networking, Network Operators, SDN, NFV, telecommunications carriers

SUSE Brings ARM Server Support to Linux Distribution

The company unveils a version of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 for ARM-based servers powered by ARM chips from Applied Micro, Cavium and others.

Tags: Intel, servers, AMD, open-source software, Cavium, software development, ARM processors, Applied Micro, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12

Cavium, Canonical Demo OpenStack Running on ARM-Based Servers

At the OpenStack Summit, the companies show a cluster of servers powered by Cavium's ThunderX SoCs running OpenStack, Ubuntu and various workloads.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Intel, Dell, x86 servers, HP, Lenovo, open-source software, Cavium, OpenStack, ARM processors, canonical ubuntu

Open-Source Servers Drive Cloud Computing

The 'cloud' was made possible by open-source software, but we see a shift in moving the focus away from open-source servers to applications.
Tags: open-source, open-source software, Open-source Servers, Open-source Server, open-source cloud

OpenSolaris, Still Open-Source Software Ready to Serve

Oracle's change tempo picks up as it changes the licensing rules for Solaris. OpenSolaris' open-source software song remains the same, however.
Tags: Oracle, Solaris, OpenSolaris, open-source software

Open-Source Software Shortcut, Excluding Directories From Grep

Tip of the Trade: Want to use Grep without including some directories? Here's a simple, yet efficient way, for the open-source software to find what you're looking for.
Tags: OS, open-source, open-source software, tip of the trade, grep

Open-Source Software Vendor Red Hat Updates JBoss Platforms

The open-source software vendor releases SOA Platform 5.0, Enterprise Web Platform 5.0 and JBoss Developer Studio 3.
Tags: Linux, JBoss, Red Hat, app, open-source software

Rackspace Cloud 'Drizzles' Into Open-Source Software

Rackspace is now a leading sponsor of MySQL spin-off Drizzle with a plan to help the open-source software project get in shape for cloud-based deployments.
Tags: MySQL, Cloud, Rackspace, open-source software, Drizzle

10 Server Apps That Should Be Available as Open-Source Software

Don't hold your breath waiting for the companies that sell these 10 products to add them to the open-source software rebellion, but in a perfect world, it could happen.
Tags: Microsoft, Apache, OS, open-source software, Open-source Server

Get the Most Out of Your Open-Source Software With Redirection in Bash

Tip of the Trade: Bash redirection is tricky. Here's a handy cheat sheet for this open-source software utility.
Tags: Linux, OS, open-source software, bash

Open-Source Software: Bad, Evil and Un-American

OS Roundup: So says the International Intellectual Property Alliance, a group of trade bodies that includes the MPAA and the RIAA. In its eyes, countries that encourage the use of open-source software are in the same league as those with rampant copyright piracy.
Tags: open source, Linux, piracy, open-source software, RIAA

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