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Novell Sells Out to Attachmate, Leaves the Future of Suse Linux Unclear

The announcement that Novell has agreed to sell itself is no surprise. The buyer -- Attachmate -- is, as is the agreed-upon price of $2.2 billion. Meanwhile, the future of Suse Linux Enterprise Server remains unclear, as does Microsoft's role in the deal.
Tags: Microsoft, Novell, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, open source servers, Attachmate

Using lsof to Find Open Files

lsof is one of the most useful utilities for Linux and Unix systems. At its most basic, lsof can help identify which files are being used by any given application and which network ports are open.
Tags: OS, utility, tip of the trade, lsof, open source servers

Setting Up an Open Source Server, Firewall and Router on Endian, Part 2

We've stepped through a basic Endian config, now we'll take it to the next step, including creating OpenVPN client accounts, connecting road warrior clients, and configuring gateway-to-gateway connections.
Tags: firewall, router, open source servers, Ednian

Open-Xchange Continues to Deliver Solid Collaboration

Full-featured collaboration and messaging is not beyond the reach of small- to medium-sized businesses. Open-Xchange, an open source collaboration server, scales very well into any size organization, thanks to a variety of delivery systems.
Tags: mail server, Open-Xchange, open source servers, collaboration software

Absolutely Essential Vim/vi Commands

When it comes to remote system administration, all roads lead to Vim. While Vim's capabilities are vast -- entire books have been written about it, and they still fail to capture all of its functionality -- knowing a handful of commands will enable you to do much of what you need to do.
Tags: command line, open source software, tip of the trade, vim, open source servers

Linux Gaining Share at Windows' Expense

New Linux Foundation Enterprise User Survey data reveals that enterprises are set to add more Linux at the expense of Windows during next five years, though users are not heading to the cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, Windows, open source software, Linux server, open source servers

KVM: Your Key to Open Source Server Virtualization

If fear is preventing you from making the change from a physical to virtual infrastructure, you must put that phobia aside and consider KVM, Red Hat's enterprise server virtualization alternative.
Tags: data center management, server virtualization, KVM, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, open source servers

Why Linux Servers Beat Windows Servers

Linux is better suited to server use than Windows. This article lists five reasons why.
Tags: open source servers

Survey: 98% Enterprise Respondents Use Open Source Software

The survey also indicated that most had a satisfaction level between 7 and 8 out of ten with open source software.
Tags: open source software, Enterprise, open source servers

Open Source Software Projects That Changed the World

From open source software to projects there have been a number of releases that literally have changed the world.
Tags: open source, open source server, open source software, open source servers

Open Source and Cloud APIs

Emerging open source APIs help to evolve the cloud.
Tags: open source, cloud computing, API, open source servers

Getting Started With Squid Proxy Server 3.1

Untangling the many tentacles of this popular proxy server is well worth the effort.
Tags: open source software, proxy, open source servers, proxy server, squid

Open Source Software Shortcuts for Doing More with 'Less'

Command-line users are often well-acquainted with Less, More's backward-scrollable cousin. Here are a few not-so-well-known useful commands and shortcuts that may make Less even more valuable to you.
Tags: command line, open source software, Unix, more with less, open source servers

Ubuntu Server Adoption on the Rise

The Ubuntu Server market share is small compared with Windows Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux but deployment is rising.
Tags: open source, open source server, open source software, open source servers

Novell Launches SUSE Appliance Gallery

As Novell's appliance program hits its one year anniversary, the company is planning some innovative advances.
Tags: Linux, appliances, Novell, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, open source servers

Accessing WebDAV as a Filesystem With davfs2

Most admins know WebDAV, but davfs2 isn't as well known. With this open source software tool, you can connect to WebDAV server as a regular filesystem, thus allowing applications that don't support WebDAV to access shared resources via WebDAV.
Tags: open source software, OS, file system, tip of the trade, open source servers

Open Source Servers and Cloud Computing

One influence in open source communities is the effect of cloud on open source.
Tags: cloud computing, open source server, open source servers

Operating Systems for Open Source Servers Need to Evolve

Despite the many functions handled by server virtualization a server operating system—open source or proprietary—still has a place in the data center.
Tags: open source server, open source software, server virtualization, open source servers

Teo Launches UC Platform for Open Source Servers

The company claims that a single Linux-based server can handle as many as 2,000 users while a multiple-server system can handle up to 100,000 users.
Tags: open source, open source server, open source servers, Unified Communications Server

lsof Seeks All Open Files

Tip of the Trade: From pipes to directories to sockets, lsof is able to locate all open files.
Tags: open source, utility, lsof, open source servers

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