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Open-Source Servers Drive Cloud Computing

The 'cloud' was made possible by open-source software, but we see a shift in moving the focus away from open-source servers to applications.
Tags: open-source, open-source software, Open-source Servers, Open-source Server, open-source cloud

ARCAD Offers ALM Tools for Open-Source Servers

ARCAD Software's application lifecycle management (ALM) tools can now mange release and deployment on open-source servers and Windows platforms.
Tags: server, Open-source Servers, server tools

Why Some Open-Source Servers, Software Fail

Linux crossed the chasm on servers. It failed to do so on desktops. What gives?
Tags: Linux, Open-source Servers

Apache Cassandra 0.6 Released

Apache Cassandra is a second-generation 'NoSQL' distributed data store that has a shared-nothing architecture.
Tags: NoSQL, Apache, Open-source Servers, Apache Cassandra

Running Open Source Servers Within Windows

If you run a Windows shop, you may think Apache, FreeRADIUS and FreeNAS are off limits. Think again. With a few simple choices, any of these popular open source servers can be deployed in a snap.
Tags: Linux, Windows, FreeRADIUS, Apache HTTP Server, Open-source Servers

Canonical to Release Desktop, Server Editions End-April

Canonical says it is ready to replace whatever competitor you have on your servers now.
Tags: Canonical, Open-source Servers, Server Edition, 10.04 LTS

Mandriva Releases Enterprise Server 5.1

This new version puts the spotlight on virtualization and KVM technology.
Tags: virtualization, KVM, Open-source Servers, enterprise server, Mandriva

New CEO May Help Canonical's Open-source Servers Biz

Shuttleworth may be Dictator For Life at the Ubuntu project, but may not be the best person to lead Canonical.
Tags: Ubuntu, distro, Ubuntu Server, Open-source Servers, commercial server

Wind River Extends Open-source Servers For Telecom Segment

The company has announced integrated support for HP BladeSystem server blades into its Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) operating system.
Tags: telecom, Open-source Servers, BladeSystem, Carrier Grade Linux, CGL

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