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Open-Source Servers Drive Cloud Computing

The 'cloud' was made possible by open-source software, but we see a shift in moving the focus away from open-source servers to applications.
Tags: open-source, open-source software, Open-source Servers, Open-source Server, open-source cloud

Using PASV From an Ubuntu Server to FTP Server

The firewall can be a problem, but with a little understanding of FTP and firewalls the communication can be negotiated.
Tags: firewall, Ubuntu Server, ftp server, Open-source Server, PASV

Canonical Updates Landscape Manager

Landscape 1.5 can cope with the cloudy infrastructure that Canonical wants to help customers build.
Tags: Canonical, Open-source Server, Ubuntu LTS

Open-Source Server Virtual Monitoring Solution

Mikoomi has announced an enterprise monitoring agent for IBM's WebSphere Application Server.
Tags: virtual, open-source, Open-source Server, tool

iXsystems Donates Hardware for Open-Source Server Community

The company has donated new server hardware for the FreeBSD Project's Quality Assurance Tinderbox.
Tags: server, server hardware, FreeBSD, Open-source Server

Japanese Telco to Use Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

NTT Communications plans to build its cloud and Web hosting facilities using RHEV.
Tags: Cloud, RHEV, Open-source Server, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Ubuntu LTS: An Open-Source Server For The Cloud

The Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release will include an attractive enterprise cloud tool-set.
Tags: Cloud, Ubuntu, Open-source Server, LTS

Canonical Readies LTS Open-Source Server 10.4

Canonical will make its 10.4 distribution available for download on the Ubuntu Web site on April 29, 2010.
Tags: server, Ubuntu, Canonical, Open-source Server, LTS

Canonical to Update Open-source Server OS

Ubuntu 10.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition will be available for download on April 29, 2010.
Tags: server, Ubuntu, Canonical, Open-source Server, LTS

IBM Uses Open-source Server Technology to Test Cloud

IBM has selected Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization as a platform in its new cloud computing service for development and test.
Tags: cloud computing, IBM, Red Hat, Open-source Server

Former MySQL CEO moves to the Cloud

Marten Mick moves to Eucalyptus Systems, providers of the open-source Eucalyptus cloud framework.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, Open-source Server, Eucalyptus

Deploying Ksplice Uptrack for Open-source Servers

HostV has completed deployment of Ksplice Uptrack for Linux kernel security updates without rebooting the server.
Tags: virtual server, Open-source Server, Ksplice, virtual private server

10 Server Apps That Should Be Available as Open-Source Software

Don't hold your breath waiting for the companies that sell these 10 products to add them to the open-source software rebellion, but in a perfect world, it could happen.
Tags: Microsoft, Apache, OS, open-source software, Open-source Server

Innovation is Open-source Server and Software, Not Proprietary

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst believes Google couldn't have adopted its current business model but for open-source software.
Tags: software, Red Hat, Open-source Server, OSBC, Proprietary

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