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Track Issues With Roundup

No matter what the size is of your IT environment, issue tracking is a critical component of system administration. If you're looking for a simple issue tracking system that can be scaled as your shop grows, check out Roundup, an interesting solution that is easy to both test out and deploy.
Tags: bug, OS X, community, interface, TXT

Linux Server Fix: Backspacing on OSX Terminal Should Not Be Interpreted as Delete

Tip of the Trade: Backspace and delete may seem the same, but often they are not. This is particularly problematic when using Screen on OSX Terminal. Here are three easy fixes.
Tags: Linux server, OS, OS X, Mac OS X, screen

Snow Leopard Gets Tweak With Security Fixes

A new update from Apple patches security issues in both new and old versions of Mac OS X.
Tags: open source, Mac, OS X, snow leopard, Mac OS X

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