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SUSE Linux Goes Long on Support

Enterprise Linux vendor SUSE extends support term length for SLES 11 and builds on its partnership with Microsoft for systems management.

Tags: open source, Linux, Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, SUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Attachmate

Novell Advances NetWare Linux Integration

That's right, Novell (not SUSE) is still alive. So too is NetWare, and it has a new server release out today.

Tags: Linux, Novell, OS, SUSE, NetWare

'We Don't Get the Credit We Deserve'

SUSE exec explains how the company has changed since being spun out from Novell.
Tags: Linux, open source software, Novell, SUSE, Attachmate

Novell Operations Center 5 Debuts as NetIQ Product

As Attachmate takes control of Novell, new Operations Center release bulks up on Automated Configuration Management features.
Tags: Novell, Attachmate, NetIQ

IBM DB2, Novell Partner for Linux Software Appliances

Linux software appliance builders now can leverage IBM's DB2 database in SUSE Studio as part of a new deal announced today between IBM and Novell.
Tags: Linux, IBM, Novell, IBM DB2, SUSE Studio

But What About NetWare?

The Novell acquisition moves forward. Is anyone wondering what the future of NetWare will be? Is there a future for NetWare?
Tags: open source, Novell, OS

Novell Sells Out to Attachmate, Leaves the Future of Suse Linux Unclear

The announcement that Novell has agreed to sell itself is no surprise. The buyer -- Attachmate -- is, as is the agreed-upon price of $2.2 billion. Meanwhile, the future of Suse Linux Enterprise Server remains unclear, as does Microsoft's role in the deal.
Tags: Microsoft, Novell, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, open source servers, Attachmate

Novell Debuts Linux OS for SAP Apps

SAP is getting its own optimized Linux operating system, thanks to a new effort from Novell with SUSE Linux.
Tags: Linux, Oracle, SAP, Novell, SUSE

Server OS Landscape Rolls With the Punches

These days, the UNIX and Linux server OS landscape would play on the big screen as well as a combination Jackie Chan, James Bond, and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure movie all rolled together.
Tags: Oracle, Novell, VMware, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, server os

VMware, Novell to Dance Server Virtualization Tango

VMware may be in talks with Novell to purchase its SUSE Linux division. What could the server virtualization vendor want with an OS?
Tags: acquisition, server virtualization, Novell, VMware, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

8 Conversations From the VMworld Show Floor

From cloud computing virtual to I/O and more, here are highlights of eight ServerWatch conversations had with vendors at VMworld.
Tags: Microsoft, Cisco, AMD, Novell, VMworld

Novell Expands Cloud Computing Linux to Amazon

Novell extends its SUSE Linux to run on Amazon EC2 as efforts ramp up among Linux vendors to offer customers ways to transition their workloads to cloud computing environments.
Tags: cloud computing, Amazon, Novell, SUSE Linux, SUSE Studio

Novell Launches SUSE Appliance Gallery

As Novell's appliance program hits its one year anniversary, the company is planning some innovative advances.
Tags: Linux, appliances, Novell, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, open source servers

Novell openSUSE 11.3 Linux OS Gets Btrfs, New Kernel

The new open source OS release delivers a "better" filesystem (Btrfs) for Linux while updating packages and performance.
Tags: open source server, Novell, BTRFS, linux os, openSUSE

Will Server Virtualization Save Novell?

Virtually Speaking: Or, rather, will an alliance with VMware save the beleaguered company?
Tags: server virtualization, Novell, VMware, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, virtual appliance

Microsoft, Novell Report Upswing in HPC

The two companies claim to see an increase in the number of companies seeking high-performance computing.
Tags: Microsoft, Novell, HPC, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Novell: This Linux OS Vendor Went to Market

OS Roundup: And found the sum of its parts is worth more than the whole. Despite claims to the contrary, Novell has put itself up for sale. Will anyone want its Linux OS?
Tags: Novell, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OS, linux os, SUSE Linux

Atempo Service for Novell Open Enterprise Server

Atempo Time Navigator has been certified on Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2).
Tags: software, Novell, Novell Server, Open Enterprise Server

IBM Adopts Novell's Linux OS for Lotus, Websphere Appliances

Under the terms of the deal, IBM will use Novell's SUSE Linux OS technology to build appliances for collaboration and business analytics applications.
Tags: IBM, Novell, OS, linux os, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

How Much Is Novell's Linux OS Really Worth?

OS Roundup: Stockholders in the Linux OS company are dissatisfied with its performance. Can Novell remedy the situation, or is a sale its best option?
Tags: Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, OS, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

For Sale: Linux OS and Other Assorted Assets

OS Roundup: A New York hedge fund has made an offer to buy Novell. Is it paying $2 billion just for the Linux OS, or is there more to it? And, more importantly, will the offer bring other players to the fore? Perhaps Microsoft will end up the white knight in this strange tale.
Tags: Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, SUSE, linux os

Novell's Hedge Fund Offer Could Start a Bidding War

Novell confirmed that it has received an unsolicited, conditional proposal from Elliott Associates.
Tags: Linux, IBM, Novell, distro, Citriz

Citrix, Novell Partner on Virtualization, Cloud Computing

The business software makers are teaming up to give enterprise customers more flexibility to manage their virtual infrastructures on multiple operating systems.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, Citrix, Novell, Xen

Citrix and Novell Extend Enterprise Virtualization

Citrix and Novell will collaborate to offer customers increased virtualization interoperability and new tools.
Tags: Citrix, Novell, XenServer, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Novell Sets OpenSUSE 11.2 Free

The latest OpenSUSE refresh updates core apps and changes the way Novell works with its community.
Tags: Linux, Novell, SUSE, OpenSUSE 11, openSUSE

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