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x86 Server Processors Help Deliver Solid Earnings for Intel

The chip giant might do a little better than expected thanks to its new x86 server processors, but there will be no big surprises. After 2009, that's a good thing.
Tags: earnings, Intel, x86 servers, Xeon, Nehalem

Server Market Changes Lead to End of Itanium Development at Microsoft

The arrival of Intel's Nehalem-EX has pretty much signaled the end of Microsoft's support. The high-end x86 server market is changing, with many servers now sporting features previously available only in Itanium.
Tags: Microsoft, Itanium, Nehalem, x86 server, Server Market

Newer vPro Sports More Security Features

Second generation coming next month, Nehalem support due in a year.
Tags: Nehalem, vPro

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