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Synology DSM 6.0 Does Containers and More

Synology has once again raised the bar of excellence with its DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0, especially if you plan on running Docker containers on your NAS box.

Tags: NAS, Synology, network-attached storage, containers, Synology DSM, docker, Docker Containers, Docker 1.0

NAS Storage Server Review: Iomega StorCenter ix2

Iomega packages network-attached storage and a solid video surveillance system with an ideal blend of performance and price in this NAS server designed for SMBs.

Tags: hardware, NAS, small business, video surveillance, server review, Storage

File Sharing Made Easy With Media Servers and NAS

Centralized file sharing and storage is a snap with these five open source NAS and media servers.

Tags: open source server, NAS, file sharing, MediaServer

SANs and Your Virtualized Environment -- Breaking the Cycle of Codependency

Is SAN complexity leading to VM stall? One NAS vendor certainly thinks so, and it's determined to disprove the 'myths.'
Tags: storage virtualization, SAN, server virtualization, VMware, NAS

10 Data Center Server Hardware Must-Haves

When making your 2011 hardware purchases, leave room for a few key items you really require to make good service great.
Tags: Top 10, SAN, server hardware, NAS, data center infrastructure

EMC VNX Disk Array Buyer's Guide

VNX marks the end of an era at EMC. It consolidates two longstanding product lines, CLARiiON and Celerra, into one line, unifying SAN and NAS and enabling unstructured data growth in traditional, virtual and cloud environments to be more easily and efficiently managed.
Tags: EMC, SAN, virtual, NAS, buyer's guide

10 Advantages of SAN vs. DAS

SAN has many advantages over DAS in your data center. Here are 10 reasons to consider making the leap from local storage to a SAN.
Tags: Top 10, SAN, data backup, NAS, Storage

Synology Storage Server for SMBs

The new NAS server offers reliable data storage solution and demand high-performance file sharing.
Tags: data, server, NAS, storage server

Synology Introduces NAS Server for SMBs

Synology's DS410 DiskStation is a four-bay network-attached storage device for small businesses.
Tags: NAS, RAID, storage server, Diskstation

Thecus Unleashes 1U4600 1U Rackmount NAS Server

The new NAS server offers enterprise-class features.
Tags: hardware, NAS, storage server, rackmount

SSDs, Coming Soon to a Server Near You

Cover Your Assets: SSDs aren't just for netbooks and notebooks anymore. They're headed to your data center.
Tags: SSD, NAS, Storage

FreeNAS: Free and Snazzy Storage Solution

Cover Your Assets: The NAS in FreeNAS doesn't stand for Nice and Simple, but it could. Here's one DIY project that's too much of a cost savings -- in time and money -- to pass up.
Tags: NAS, NAS/SAN, frugality, Storage

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