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4 Mobile Management Solutions to Keep Your Enterprise Secure and in Sync

As mobile devices in the enterprise grow by leaps and bounds, enterprises' ability to remotely manage them, including enforcing security policies and keeping data in sync, becomes ever more important. Here are four solutions to help resolve this growing data center dilemma.

Tags: security, email, mobile, open source software, mobile device, mobile device management, Zimbra

10 Server and Admin BlackBerry Apps

These 10 BlackBerry smartphones apps make monitoring, connecting, transferring and managing your servers a snap.

Tags: mobile, smartphone, BlackBerry OS, Remote Server Management

12 Awesome Server Admin Apps for Windows Phone 7

Managing your data center from your smart phone is no longer fantasy. Server admins will find a wide selection of Windows Phone 7 apps to monitor, manage and administer as well as perform a variety of server-related tasks.

Tags: mobile, smartphone, windows phone 7 series, Remote Server Management

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Updated

The refreshed enterprise server version offers a number of new administrative tools and features.
Tags: mobile, BES, BlackBerry Enterprise Server

It's a Windows vs. Linux Mobile Market Turf War

OS Roundup: Despite the noisier iPhone or Blackberry debate, the OS still matters. When it comes to mobile, Windows is losing ground to Linux and other OSes. Will the release of Windows Phone later this year enable Microsoft to prevail?
Tags: Android, mobile, iPhone, Apple, windows vs. linux

New Kerio Messaging Server Connects iPad Users

The new release of the Kerio Connect 7 messaging and collaboration server offers support for the Apple iPad.
Tags: server, mobile, iPad, Message Server

CytexOne Launches New Stratus Server Appliance

The new Stratus server appliance enables SMBs to add Microsoft SBS or BlackBerry Enterprise Server for a mobile workforce.
Tags: server, mobile, Blackberry, business, appliance

RIM Offers Free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express works with different versions of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Windows Small Business Server.
Tags: mobile, free software, RIM, enterprise server

RIM Offers Free SMB Server Software

The new software gives smaller businesses smartphone security without paying enterprise-level costs.
Tags: security, server, mobile, smartphone, RIM

Mobile Apps Invade the Enterprise

Enterprise-friendly servers and security controls help control third-party mobile apps.
Tags: security, server, mobile, applications, Enterprise

AMD CEO Targets 2010 Growth in Mobile, Servers

With its troubles and foundries behind it, AMD seeks growth in areas Intel has been mining for years.
Tags: mobile, Intel, AMD, Enterprise, sales

Desktop Choices: Mac, Linux, Windows, Browser -- Browser?

Cover Your Assets: You have a fourth choice for your desktop operating system, but it seems to be a well-kept secret.
Tags: mobile, browser, virtual desktop, OS, VDI

Mutt on the Android G1

Tip of the Trade: An adapted version of ConnectBot makes it easier to access email on your mobile devices using Mutt and SSH.
Tags: security, mobile, OS, mobile phones, G1

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