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Eucalyptus and Mellanox Partner to Smooth Cloud Deployments

Having lined up its ducks on the software side, Eucalyptus is looking to tackle cloud infrastructures -- and IT workers' cloud deployment fears -- by partnering with Mellanox.

Tags: AWS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud, migration, Eucalyptus, Mellanox, Cloud Migration, Cloud Infrastructure

5 Strategies for Replacing Your Apple Xserves

By now, Apple's announcement that it plans to discontinue the Xserve has sunk in for many enterprises, but uncertainty remains over how best to plan for future growth and cope with existing Xserves coming to the end of their useful lives. Here are five paths to consider.
Tags: server, Apple, migration, xserve

Microsoft Releases New SQL Server Migration Tools

The free SQL Server Migration Assistant helps users move to Microsoft SQL Server.
Tags: Azure, SQL Server, migration

CloudShare Program Encourages Surgient Customers to Switch

The company is offering a risk-free migration program for Surgient customers.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, cloud services, migration

ENow Supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Migration

Mailscape Feature Pack 2 streamlines e-mail system administration IT tasks.
Tags: email, migration, Exchange Server 2010, Migration Tool

A Guide to Hyper-V Live Migration

Live migration enables virtual machines (VMs) to be moved between Hyper-V hosts with no downtime.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, Hyper-V, migration

How To: Go From Exchange Server to Google Apps

Working with the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange utility.
Tags: Google Apps, migration, Exchange server

HP Enlists Partners to Help Steal Sun's Customers

Microsoft, Novell, and Red Hat join up with the hardware giant to ease customers' transition off Solaris.
Tags: IBM, Sun, Sun Microsystems, HP, migration

Is Windows 7 a Keeper, a Sleeper, a Loser or a Weeper?

Cover Your Assets: Are you trying to decide whether to invest in Windows 7 for the long haul?
Tags: Microsoft, Windows 7, migration, upgrades, Windows 7 Professional

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