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Microsoft Releases FreeBSD Virtual Machine Image for Azure

The new image, based on FreeBSD 10.3, is intended to help make Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform more welcoming to virtual appliances.

Tags: virtual machine image, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft, FreeBSD, virtual appliances

Docker Turns Three, Celebrates with Mac and Windows Launches

A key part of Docker's strategy for world domination is to woo developers, and the new Docker for Windows and Mac beta releases are its latest and biggest tactic for doing just that.

Tags: hypervisors, VMware, VMware vSphere 6, Docker 1.8, hypervisor, Hyper-V, server virtualization, EMC, container management, Docker Datacenter, vRealize, VMware vSphere, containers, virtually speaking, docker, orchestration, Docker Containers, Virtual SAN, containerization, Cloud, Microsoft, virtualization

Going In-Depth with and Getting Ready for Windows Server 2016

Since the reveal of Tech Preview 4, the anticipation and excitement surrounding Windows Server 2016 is growing throughout the IT world. Discover what the new server operating system has to offer and how to prepare for its arrival.

Tags: Nano Server, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server, system administrator, Hyper-V, containers, server operating system, Microsoft, server os

Comparing Virtualization and Hypervisor Tech Across Vendors

While the thought of sifting through stacks of details about all the server virtualization and hypervisor products currently on the market can be quite daunting, fortunately help isn't far away.

Tags: hypervisors, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere, virtually speaking, VMware, virtualization, server virtualization, Hyper-V, hypervisor, Microsoft

Top 10 Virtualization Technology Companies for 2016

Containers may be stealing the headlines these days, but server virtualization software technology still dominates the data center. Check out ten virtualization vendors that deliver the best virtualization software solutions today.

Tags: virtualized infrastructure, VMware, VMware vSphere, Oracle, containers, Parallels, containerization, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, virtualization, Red Hat, Citrix, Hyper-V, KVM, Huawei

Microsoft Previews Hyper-V Containers for Windows Server 2016

Wondering how Hyper-V containers work in Microsoft's upcoming server software release? Intrepid administrators and developers can get an early look today.

Tags: Windows Server 2016, Hyper-V containers, Hyper-V, containers, Microsoft, Systems Center 2016

Containers Not Dealing a Death Blow to Public Clouds Anytime Soon

There's plenty of life left in public clouds, as the major public cloud providers are still going strong and have been busy coming out with some interesting new and cheaper offerings.

Tags: public cloud, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, docker, server virtualization, Docker Containers, containerization, Cloud, Microsoft, virtualization, orchestration

Microsoft Ups Its Ante in Containers

Microsoft is retooling Windows Server and Azure as enterprises flock to application container technologies like Docker.

Tags: Azure SQL, Skype for Business, container virtualization, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server, Azure, docker, Cortana, Linux, Microsoft, containers

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Server 2003

After today, the long-lived server operating system will no longer receive updates. Microsoft urges dawdlers to migrate before their data is placed at risk.

Tags: Zynstra, Windows Server 2003, data center, cloud computing, Microsoft, server operating system

Balancing Out the Hype and Harm for VMware

VMware is entering a crucial point in its relatively short history, and how it responds will likely shape the company's ability to survive in the future as an independent operation.

Tags: virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere 6, VMware vSphere, virtually speaking, Microsoft, virtualization, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware

Managing Windows Server 2003 Migration Risks, Reaping Rewards

There are only a few short months before Microsoft stops supporting Windows Server 2003. IT experts share some insights on managing and surviving the transition.

Tags: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2012, Forefront Endpoint Protection, Galaxy S, iPhone, smartphone, Microsoft, Cloud, System Center Endpoint Protection, cloud computing, server operating systems, Softchoice, Samsung, Storage, Windows Server 2008, Apple

Docker, Boasting 'Amazing Traction,' Tops $150M in Funding

Docker's CEO explains why the open-source Docker container technology is taking off, and why he's raising more money.

Tags: VMware, Amazon, Microsoft, application virtualization, IBM, Docker Containers, open source, containers, Goldman Sachs, virtual machines

VMware vSphere 6.0 One-Ups the Competition

A variety of new features and enhancements make their debut in vSphere 6.0, most notably Virtual Volumes and vMotion capabilities. But are the additions enough to warrant an upgrade?

Tags: VMware ESX Server, hypervisor, vMotion, VMware, Microsoft, vSphere 6, VMware vSphere 6

Interesting Times Ahead in the Server Virtualization World

VMware may be the 800 pound gorilla in the virtualization market for now, but there are much bigger gorillas out there, and VMware has something they may well decide they want in the future.

Tags: VMware, virtually speaking, Hyper-V, server virtualization, EMC, virtualization, Microsoft, Apple

Docker 1.5 Brings IPv6 Support to Containers

The first major milestone release from the open-source Docker project in 2015 debuts with new features that will pave the way for the year ahead.

Tags: IPv6, Docker virtualization container, Microsoft, Amazon, VMware, IBM, IPv4, Red Hat, open source

Docker to Gain New Ground in 2015, After Taking Center Stage in 2014

NEWS ANALYSIS: In the cloud/virtualization world, one technology dominated the conversation in 2014: "Docker." The technology will see further expansion in 2015.

Tags: Microsoft, open-source, IBM, container virtualization, Amazon, docker

Microsoft in Fighting Form vs. VMware

While Microsoft is claiming to have eaten some of VMware's lunch in the virtualization space, VMware undoubtedly will be taking some of Microsoft's dinner.

Tags: server virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, virtualization, Hyper-V, virtually speaking, Microsoft, VMware

Gaining Free Access to Microsoft and Windows Server Platforms

Want to try Windows Server or its development tools on the cheap? Fortunately, numerous free or inexpensive options are available -- if you know where to look.

Tags: Windows Azure platform, Microsoft, virtual machine, development tools, virtualization, server tutorial, server operating system, server os, Windows Server

Microsoft to Pull Windows Server 2003 Support Next Year

Microsoft warns data center operators that hanging onto the long-lived server OS is potentially endangering their IT infrastructures.

Tags: Microsoft, server os, VMware, Hyper-V, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2003, data centers

The Cloud Takes Over TechEd

The latest and most significant virtualization news at TechEd North America was actually a cloud announcement. Bet you wouldn't have predicted that a few years ago.

Tags: Cloud, virtualized, Microsoft Azure Cloud, cloud computing, Microsoft, TechEd, Microsoft Azure, data center

Microsoft Looking to Lure Customers Away from VMware

The company's upgraded Virtual Machine Convertor tool adds features designed to help poach VMware-based VMs and turn them into Microsoft Hyper-V ones.

Tags: virtualization, Microsoft, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, virtually speaking, VMware vSphere, hypervisor, Hyper-V, server virtualization, servers

Microsoft Says Azure Cloud Services Safe From Heartbleed SSL Flaw

The company assures users Azure is immune to the OpenSSL flaw that affects much of the Internet. Customers running Linux images should remain on alert.

Tags: encryption, Microsoft, Linux images, Transfer Layer Security, Heartbleed SSL flaw, cloud services, Azure

Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 Arrives April 1

The newest edition of Microsoft's database platform helps complete the software giant's "cloud-first" vision by reaching RTM and launching in less than 2 weeks.

Tags: cloud vision, Release to Manufacturing, Microsoft, in-memory processing, database platform, OLTP, RTM, SQL Server 2014

eWEEK at 30: Intel, ARM Ramping Up Rivalry in Mobile, Server Markets

eWEEK 30: Intel is playing catch-up in the low-power mobile device market where ARM is its strongest rival. Now ARM is taking aim at Intel's bread-and-butter data center server market.

Tags: Facebook, Windows, Google, Android, Microsoft, iPhone, smartphones, Intel, Dell, HP, Atom, servers, x86, AMD, ARM, Samsung, Lenovo, nVidia, Qualcomm, Paul Otellini, asus, hewlett-packard, tablets, data centers, mobile devices, Moore's Law, Marvell, CPUs, SoC, Linaro, Mobile World Congress, Foxconn, IBM, Apple, PCS, Calxeda, Chromebooks, Advanced Micro Devices, OEMs, microservers, hyperscale, internet of things, surface RT, Pund-IT, eWEEK 30, IoT, merrifield, Brian Krzanich, system-on-a-chip, Silvermont

Working with NIC Teaming in Windows Server 2012

Discover a network adapter-independent protocol from Microsoft that facilitates NIC teaming for virtual machines on Windows Server 2012.

Tags: NIC, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft, virtual machine, VM, Hyper-V

Microsoft Releases Linux Integration Services 3.5 for Hyper-V

The software giant continues to court Linux-based workloads with a new driver package that enables support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 5.5 and 5.6.

Tags: virtualization, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Hyper-V, VMware, Microsoft, CentOS

Microsoft Buys Land for Massive Data Center Expansion in Quincy, Wash.

Microsoft scooped up an additional 200 acres in the tech giant's native home state halfway between Seattle and Spokane to construct a massive new data center.

Tags: cloud services, cloud computing, Yahoo, Dell, Intuit, green power, wind farm, data center construction, data center expansion, server farms, Fiber Optic Network, Microsoft

Recapping the World of Server Virtualization in 2013

The virtualization space has seen significant changes over the past twelve months, but one key factor remains the same as we turn our attention to what 2014 might bring.

Tags: VMworld, vSphere, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, server virtualization, Red Hat, KVM, virtually speaking, virtualization, VMware, cloud computing, Microsoft, cloud management

Dell Sets Different Cloud Path Than HP, IBM

At Dell World, the vendor announces partnerships with Red Hat, Microsoft and Google, eschewing building its own public cloud.

Tags: Microsoft, open source, cloud computing, OpenStack, Google, HP, Dell, Red Hat, IBM, IT infrastructure

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2013 R2 Released

The software company's desktop virtualization and management suite is updated to support Windows 8.1 and receives file sync improvements.

Tags: Microsoft, management, desktop virtualization, Windows 8.1, Office 2013

SUSE Linux Goes Long on Support

Enterprise Linux vendor SUSE extends support term length for SLES 11 and builds on its partnership with Microsoft for systems management.

Tags: Novell, open source, Red Hat, Attachmate, Microsoft, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Linux, SUSE

Checking Hyper-V Replication Health Using PowerShell Cmdlets

Our latest server tutorial reveals two handy PowerShell cmdlets available for checking Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replication status and getting replication statistical data on your VMs.

Tags: POWERSHELL CMDLETS, virtualization, VMware, Microsoft, VM, virtual machine, Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012, PowerShell

Understanding Hyper-V VSP/VSC and VMBUS Design

Discover the key role Hyper-V's VSP and VSC components play in improving virtual machine performance by facilitating communication between VMs and the parent partition.

Tags: VMware, Hyper-V, virtualization, VM, Microsoft, virtual machine

Addressing the Virtualization Disconnect

With virtualization evolving faster than IT staff can learn how to master it in many cases, what good is all this new virtualization technology to your organization if no one knows how to use it?

Tags: Software-Defined Networking, SDN, VMware, virtualization, server virtualization, Hyper-V, Microsoft, vSphere

VMware Making Moves to Stay Ahead of Microsoft in Server Virtualization

With Microsoft closing in on VMware's market leadership in the server virtualization space, has VMware been nimble enough to maintain its lead?

Tags: virtualization, Microsoft, hypervisor, server virtualization, revenue, VMware, Pivotal, Nicira, Virsto, virtually speaking

A Sunny Outlook for All in Microsoft and Oracle's Cloud Partnership?

With the two companies teaming up on the cloud in what looks to be a win-win deal, who then stands to be the big loser?

Tags: virtually speaking, public cloud, Oracle, cloud computing, Cloud, VMware, Microsoft, server virtualization

Taking Stock of the State of the Server Virtualization Market

The latest report from Gartner on the server virtualization infrastructure market reveals an interesting surprise or two.

Tags: VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, virtualization, Gartner, server virtualization, virtually speaking, hypervisor

Windows Server 2012 R2: It's the Little Things that Count

Has Microsoft's Windows Server 2012 R2 left VMware behind in terms of virtualization technology, and what BYOD features does 2012 R2 have in store for enterprises?

Tags: Windows 8 Server, Windows Blue, Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft, Windows Server 2012, servers, Windows, server os

Windows Server and System Center 2012 R2 Previews Hit the Web

IT pros can now download freely available evaluation copies of Microsoft's cloud server OS turned "Blue."

Tags: system center 2012, Windows Blue, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server, Microsoft, Windows Server 2012, System Center, Cloud, server os

Dell Sets the Stage for Hyper-V's Return to OpenStack

Once tech non grata, Microsoft's virtualization platform is making a comeback thanks to Dell.

Tags: Hyper-V Cloud, OpenStack, public cloud, Dell, private cloud, Hyper-V, cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization

How to Convert a Physical Computer to a Virtual Machine

Our latest Server Tutorial covers virtual machine conversion tools and takes you step by step through the process of converting a physical machine to a VM.

Tags: VHD, server tutorial, virtual machines, VMware, Microsoft, Hyper-V, virtual machine, VM, virtualization

Cisco Expands UCS Servers for Microsoft

Cisco fast tracks support for Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization under Windows Server 2012.

Tags: UCS, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft, Cisco, Hyper-V, virtualization

Red Hat Taps Former Microsoft Exec as New Server Virtualization Chief

Radhesh Balakrishnan hired away from Microsoft to help spur Red Hat's role in virtualization and the cloud over the coming years.

Tags: OpenStack, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, virtualization, Microsoft, server virtualization, open source, cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat

Blue Upgrade Coming to Windows Server, Too

Desktop and tablet users won't be the only ones to bask in Windows Blue upgrades, as Microsoft's upcoming update also has Windows Server in its sights.

Tags: Windows Phone 8, Windows Blue, Windows Server, Microsoft, Windows 8, Cloud, Windows Server 2012

How to Use Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica for Disaster Recovery

Discover how to create and implement a cost-effective disaster recovery solution with Windows Server 2012's Hyper-V Replica virtual technology.

Tags: Server Administrator, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, virtualization, server, Hyper-V, disaster recovery, Microsoft, servers

How to Team Your Network Cards with Windows Server 2012

Discover how to resolve all sorts of virtualization headaches by teaming your network cards with Windows Server 2012's Server Manager.

Tags: Server Administrator, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, server, servers, Microsoft, virtualization

How to Manage Multiple Servers with Windows Server 2012

Discover how to quickly and easily administer multiple servers, no matter where they are in the world, from a single interface.

Tags: Server Administrator, Windows Server, server, servers, Microsoft, Windows Server 2012

A Hands-on Look at Windows Server 2012 Essentials

While Windows Server 2012 Essentials fails to include all the features in the previous Standard edition, does it offer enough to meet the basic server needs of most small businesses?

Tags: Windows Server 2012 Essentials, Windows Server, Microsoft, Windows Server 2012, server os

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Set to Improve Microsoft Interoperability

The Linux vendor is working with Microsoft for the benefit of mutual customers.

Tags: RHEL v6.x, Red Hat, Microsoft, RHEL, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Windows Server 2012: Microsoft's Cloud OS Leaves the Gate

Microsoft makes it official in releasing a server OS that's "built from the cloud up."

Tags: OpenStack, Windows Server, public cloud, Microsoft, Windows Server 2012, private cloud, hybrid cloud

Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2012 RTM

Windows Server 2012 will be hitting OEMs in August, launching in retail come September.

Tags: Windows Server, server os, Microsoft, virtualization, Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012

Hyper-V 2012 Heats Up VMware vs. Microsoft Server Virtualization Showdown

The recent barbs traded between VMware and Microsoft can mean only one thing -- each sees the other as a real threat in the server virtualization and private cloud computing markets.

Tags: virtually speaking, VMware, VMware vSphere, virtualization, server, server virtualization, Hyper-V, Microsoft, private cloud

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Reaches RC

While Windows 8 has been receiving the overwhelming majority of attention from the media, enterprises may be more interested in Microsoft's server OS entering its final phase prior to an official debut.

Tags: windows server 8, Windows Server, server os, server, Cloud, Microsoft, Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Server and Tools Business Boasts Double-Digit Growth

Microsoft's Server & Tools business posts $4.57 billion in third-quarter revenue, driven largely by significant increases in SQL Server and System Center revenue.

Tags: Server and Tools, MICROSOFT TOOLS, SQL Server, server, System Center, Microsoft

Virtual Desktop vs. PC OS Standoff Looms

Often, what spells opportunity for aspiring startups is viewed as a threat by entrenched market leaders. In the case of virtual desktops hosted on the public cloud, Microsoft has a lot to lose. And one company stands ready to change the game further.

Tags: VDI, virtual desktop, Windows 7, Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Windows Server 8 Beta

Supercharged Hyper-V and improved storage management are among the many carrots Microsoft is dangling in front of systems administrators.

Tags: IIS, Hyper-V, Microsoft, windows server 8

The Truth About RHEV

VMware, Microsoft and Citrix are the Big 3 of server virtualization and public cloud. It may soon be time to add Red Hat and rebrand them the Big 4, however. With more mission-critical Linux servers being virtualized, more servers are running RHEV, and cloud providers are not exempt from this trend.

Tags: cloud provider, VMware, public cloud, RHEV, server virtualization, red hat linux, cloud computing, Microsoft, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

VMware Takes Steps to Conquer Nascent Hybrid Cloud Market

VMware rules in the virtual data center and private cloud, but it's second runner up in the public cloud. With hybrid clouds  on their way to being the future of computing and a consistent infrastructure between enterprises and service providers critical to their success, is it any surprise VMware is taking steps to protect its virtual kingdom?

Tags: VMware, Xen, public cloud, server virtualization, vCenter, Microsoft, private cloud, hybrid cloud

Microsoft Solidifies Its Private Cloud Approach

The System Center 2012 release candidate makes a very clear statement: Microsoft is ready to seize the private cloud  market from VMware.

Tags: server virtualization, Windows 8, Hyper-V, system center 2012, Microsoft

Microsoft to Debut Resilient File System with Windows 8 Server

The new ReFS file system, designed for resiliency and optimized for extreme scale, will be introduced as a storage system for Windows 8 Server, but will later be implemented as storage for clients and eventually as a boot volume.

Tags: Storage, Windows 8, ntfs, Microsoft, ReFS, file system

VDI: The 'Other' Virtualization Technology

Unlike server virtualization, desktop virtualization, aka VDI, has been a hard sell for enterprises due largely to its high upfront costs. Still, VDI offers many benefits. Do they outweigh the costs?

Tags: VMware, desktop virtualization, Citrix, Quest, Microsoft, VDI

Kicking the Tires on Windows 8 Server

We take the developer preview release of Windows 8 Server out for a spin and find it surprisingly crash-free.

Tags: Windows 8, Microsoft

Survey Reveals Server Virtualization Has Gone Commodity

But has it? Veeam Software's last V-Index reveals price as the leading driver for enterprises switching up their virtual environments. Cost, however, is far from the only differentiator among virtualization offerings.

Tags: server virtualization, Microsoft, Citrix, Veeam, commoditization, VMware

DataCore Releases Business Continuity for Windows Servers

For data center managers who want the benefits of SAN-based business continuity software without the risks of disruption, virtualization vendor DataCore claims to have a solution.

Tags: Storage, Cloud Storage, Microsoft, DataCore

Server Virtualization Buying Guide -- Hyper-V

Hyper-V may not be today's virtualization market leader, but don't count on it to play second fiddle forever.  The virtualization platform is catching up fast, and its low price point makes it an increasingly easier sell.

Tags: hypervisor, Hyper-V, server virtualization, Microsoft

Hyper-V 3--Microsoft's Virtualization Platform Grows Up

Microsoft tends to get things right with version 3 of its products, and with Hyper-V 3, this looks to be the case once again. When Server 8 comes out, Microsoft will have a serious server virtualization platform on its hands that will do everything most companies need.

Tags: VMware, windows server 8, Hyper-V, server virtualization, Microsoft

Server Virtualization Pricing: Apples to Oranges to Pears

When it comes to server virtualization pricing, it seems each vendor has chosen a different fruit. How do you compare pricing when structures vary from per-server or per-processor, or are based on VM usage, bundled guest OS licenses or combinations of all of these?

Tags: KVM, VMware, vSphere, Hyper-V, Microsoft, Red Hat, server virtualization, Citrix XenServer

Microsoft or VMware -- Who's Really Stuck in the IT Past?

Microsoft knocks VMware's virtualization strategy. Some of it rings true but it doesn't seem to matter. Is this a sign of Microsoft becoming less relevant?

Tags: VMware, vmotions, Microsoft, virtualization, server virtualization, Hyper-V

Microsoft Partners With Fujitsu on Azure Middleware

Fujitsu announced it will ship four middleware products for Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform.
Tags: public cloud, Microsoft, Fujitsu, middleware, Azure

Microsoft's System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta -- The User Experience

The initial beta of Microsoft's System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 was released to the MSDN community two months ago. We step through our user experience with and provide some tips to get things working optimally.
Tags: System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Microsoft, server virtualization, Hyper-V

What, VMware Worry?

The virtualization kingpin has company in the Leaders' Quadrant of Gartner's x86 server virtualization Magic Quadrant. With Citrix and Microsoft in its square, shouldn't VMware be at least a little concerned?
Tags: VMware, server virtualization, Microsoft, Citrix, Gartner

Testing Microsoft's System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta

Microsoft released a first beta of its upcoming System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 product to the MSDN community in early May. We took it out for a spin, and here's what we found.
Tags: System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Hyper-V, server virtualization, Microsoft

Microsoft Doubles Down on Virtualization

Virtualization plays an ever more important role in Microsoft's long-term plan. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows 7 SP1 each brought a number of new features to the virtualization table from their respective sides, and the virtualization offerings don't stop there.
Tags: Microsoft, Hyper-V, TechEd, virtualization, Windows Server 2008 R2

TechEd 2011: Cloud Computing, Devices and Developers

Microsoft's TechEd keynote declared cloud, devices and developers the theme for the week. But it did not ignore its longstanding data center and end user desktop bases.
Tags: TechEd, Microsoft, Azure, cloud computing, Exchange

Why Choose Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Over VMware or Microsoft?

Sure, it's a lot less expensive, but is there a technological reason to choose the Linux leader over the virtualization kingpins? Navin Thadani thinks so and explains why.
Tags: server virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Microsoft, VMware, Hyper-V

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