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Malware Evolves with Virtual Machines in Mind

With new strains of malware emerging that target virtual machines, it's more important than ever to properly protect your VMs running in enterprise data centers, private clouds or public clouds.

Tags: virtualization, malware, server virtualization, VM, VM security, virtually speaking, virtual machines

New In-Memory Malware Infiltrates Web Servers

A highly stealthy strain of malware that resides entirely in memory has been silently infecting some of the world's most widely-used web servers.

Tags: Linux, Apache, malware, web server, web servers, Nginx, malware threats

Stop Software Attacks From Destroying Your Servers

Stuxnet-style malware that attacks computer hardware, physically destroying servers, networking equipment and storage resources in your data center is easier to create than you might think. Learn how to stop it in its tracks.
Tags: server hardware, malware, server security, Stuxnet

Plugging Security Vulnerabilities -- What's the Hurry?

The latest time line in fixing security vulnerabilities is a whopping 11.6 days. Why does it take vendors such a long time to recognize and detect new viruses, and is there anything you can do to protect your server OSes?
Tags: security vulnerabilities, Apple, malware, anti-virus, jailbreak

Dell Warns of Malware-Infected Server Motherboards

Dell is warning its customers that there is malware on some server motherboards.
Tags: server, Dell, server hardware, malware, motherboard

Symantec's Free DNS Service Blocks Malware

The free DNS service uses a special name server to block known malware and phishing websites.
Tags: security, Symantec, malware, server tool, DNS service

WatchGuard Announces Quarantine Management Server

WatchGuard offers businesses protection against spam, phishing and malware-laden messages.
Tags: security, spam, server, malware, appliance

VirusBarrier Server Has New Defense Update

VirusBarrier Server 3 runs on 64-bit code and includes a number of new security features.
Tags: security, server, malware, virus, Mac OS X

Qualys Offers Free Web Server Scanning

QualysGuard Malware Detection allows Web server administrators to perform automatic scans of external-facing Web servers.
Tags: security, malware, service, web server, scanning

'Unlucky 13': Symantec's Security Trends for 2010

Hackers and malware purveyors are becoming more sophisticated. Computer users must follow suit by becoming equally wiser and more proactive.
Tags: security, Symantec, malware, antivirus, antispam

Mac OS Seeing More Malware

Although Macs continue to face far fewer security problems than Windows, the trend line is going in the wrong direction.
Tags: Apple, Mac, malware, Mac OS X

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