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Configuring 802.1X Server Settings for Apple Devices

Learn how to pre-configure 802.1X and other network settings on Mac OS X and iOS devices for increased security and better user friendliness.

Tags: virtualization, servers, virtual machine, Mac OS X, server os, IOS, 802.1x, Radius, server tutorial, UEFI, VMs, server operating system, network settings

Will vSphere Slice the Apple?

Historically, Apple has been very protective of its desktop and server OS. However, with its server hardware line discontinued and its server OS all but gone, Apple may be preparing to change its tune. Some pundits have gone so far as to predict Mac OS X support may be coming in vSphere 5.
Tags: Apple, server virtualization, VMware, Mac OS X, vSphere

Apple Moves to Ditch Corporate Baggage

Bye-bye, Xserve. Is the Cupertino gadget-maker getting ready to admit defeat and axe its OS X Server product line altogether? A key indicator will be whether a server edition of OS X Lion, the next version of OS X, is released this summer.
Tags: Apple, Mac OS X, xserve, server os

5 Operating Systems Starting 2011 With a Bang

2011 has only just begun, and already there is plenty going on in the world of OS software. From Apple OS X Lion to Microsoft Windows 8, here are the top 5 noteworthy OS developments.
Tags: Ubuntu, Apple, Windows 8, Mac OS X, server os

2010 Server OS Winners and Losers

2010 was a pretty dramatic year in the server OS world, with one big name disappearing in a puff of logic, another selling itself off to the highest bidder and a third joining Oracle's 'evil' empire. Like any year, 2010 had some obvious winners, some downright losers and a quite a few merchants of 'meh.' Here are the 8 most notable server OS developments that took place in 2010.
Tags: Red Hat, Mac OS X, OpenSolaris, Ubuntu Server, server os

5 Things About Apple You Won't Hear From Steve Jobs

Apple's phenomenal success in the phone and electronic gadget markets is making its legacy computer business look increasingly anachronistic. Here are five things you should know before you invest in anything to do with Mac OS X in your data center or enterprise.
Tags: Apple, steve jobs, Mac OS X, xserve, MacBook Air

Apple Tells Developers, 'Mac OS X, Hold the Java'

Apple's recent decision to deprecate Java is yet another spitball at its traditional customer base. As the Mac platform reinvents itself as a glorified games console for Apple's latest batch of customers to play non-violent games, edit home movies and run a selection of sanitized Apple-approved apps, it seems even less likely to gain a foothold in the enterprise.
Tags: Java, developers, Apple, OS, Mac OS X

Will Windows and Mac OS Fall Victim to Neglect?

With Ray Ozzie's departure leaving Microsoft rudderless and Apple all but exiting the computer market to concentrate on its i-devices, the future is not looking bright for these once unstoppable market leaders. The opposite holds true for the other server OS vendors, however.
Tags: Linux, OS, Mac OS X, Windows Server, server os

5 Operating Systems Making Big Waves This Week

Thanks to Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora and the not-so-well-known (but no less notable) QNX, the server OS waters were choppier than usual this week. Here's some insight as to what's really going on.
Tags: Oracle, Windows, OS, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Server

Getting Started With FreeBSD 8.1

FreeBSD may not be as popular or as well known as other operating systems, but that doesn't mean it's not reliable or robust enough for most enterprise tasks. See how it fares when taken out for a spin.
Tags: OS, review, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, server review

Apple's Journey to the Top

OS Roundup: Was it exclusion or exclusivity that fueled Apple's journey to being the world's biggest technology company? Or perhaps it's Apple's understanding and ability that when the producer names the tune, the consumer must dance.
Tags: Microsoft, iPhone, Apple, OS, Mac OS X

One-Handed Workarounds -- The Programmers Guide to Typing With a Broken Thumb

Tip of the Trade: The value of an opposable thumb is more keenly felt when it can't be used. Fortunately, for programmers who can't leave their keyboards, there are tools to mitigate the problem. Here are two websites to check out should you find yourself in this predicament.
Tags: programmers, Mac OS X, tip of the trade, vim

Ubuntu's Linux OS -- Mac OS X's Doppelganger?

OS Roundup: As Apple fades from relevance, Canonical's Linux OS, Ubuntu, seems to be stepping into its shoes. Is Lucid Lynx everything Mac OS X could have been but isn't, and does it have what it takes to trounce Snow Leopard?
Tags: iPhone, Canonical, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Server, linux os

VirusBarrier Server Has New Defense Update

VirusBarrier Server 3 runs on 64-bit code and includes a number of new security features.
Tags: security, server, malware, virus, Mac OS X

x86 Server Standardization Does Not Equate to OS Pluralization

OS Roundup: Are we heading back to an era where the OS is once again tied to the hardware? Seems unlikely in this age of commodity x86 servers, yet increasingly, ISVs and OEMs are limiting what can run where.
Tags: Windows, x86 servers, Solaris, OS, Mac OS X

Linux Server Fix: Backspacing on OSX Terminal Should Not Be Interpreted as Delete

Tip of the Trade: Backspace and delete may seem the same, but often they are not. This is particularly problematic when using Screen on OSX Terminal. Here are three easy fixes.
Tags: Linux server, OS, OS X, Mac OS X, screen

A Sys Admin's Guide to the Server OS of Your Dreams

OS Roundup: What does an enterprise server OS look like in your perfect world? Find out how some real-world options -- from Linux to Unix to Windows to Mac OS X -- might stack up in a dream universe.
Tags: Unix server, Linux server, OS, Mac OS X, server os

Meta on a Mac Delivers Efficiency Boost

Tip of the Trade: Tired of stretching your fingers to hit the ESC key on your Mac? There's a simple way to fix that.
Tags: Apple, datacenter, data center management, Mac OS X, Mac OS

FreeBSD Shines While Apple Fails

OS Roundup: FreeBSD's response to a recent bug presents a sharp contrast to how Apple handles similar issues.
Tags: iPhone, Apple, Mac OS X, Mac OS, FreeBSD

Lack of Innovation a Commonality for Microsoft, Apple

Is innovation overrated? Both Windows and Mac OS X have found success by borrowing from each other and building on it -- a model not that dissimilar from Linux and the open source software movement.
Tags: Microsoft, Apple, OS, Mac OS X, Mac OS

Second Snow Leopard Update Released

The latest Apple update addresses a major vulnerability that surfaced in September as well as numerous bug fixes.
Tags: Apple, snow leopard, Mac OS X, update, Mac OS

Apple Hits the Windows Wall

OS Roundup: Windows 7 has been out for barely two weeks, and its market share already rivals that of Mac OS X, despite years of marketing and strategizing on Apple's part. Does Windows stand a chance of being dethroned?
Tags: Microsoft, Ubuntu, Windows 7, Mac OS X, HP UX

Saving ssh Keys on Mac OS X Leopard

Tip of the Trade: ssh-agent makes it possible to avoid having to type in a passphrase for each login. Helpfully, since the Leopard release on Mac OS X this functionality is built straight in.
Tags: security, tips, Mac OS X, tip of the trade

Mac Users Feel Sting of Snow Leopard Bug

A severe bug is causing data loss for many who neglected to back up.
Tags: Apple, Mac, bug, snow leopard, Mac OS X

Kerio Mail Server Now Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 Ready

Kerio Mail Server is now certified for Microsoft Windows 7 as well as Mac OS X 10.6, also known as Snow Leopard.
Tags: Windows, Windows 7, snow leopard, Mac OS X, mail server

VMware's Mac Users Get an (in)Fusion

Virtually Speaking: In the face of Windows 7's approaching official release date and Snow Leopard's recent release, VMware Tuesday unveiled a new version of its desktop virtualization environment for Macs. Is it the glue to a heterogeneous client environment?
Tags: Apple, Fusion, VMware, desktop virtualization, Mac OS X

Snow Leopard Gets Tweak With Security Fixes

A new update from Apple patches security issues in both new and old versions of Mac OS X.
Tags: open source, Mac, OS X, snow leopard, Mac OS X

Apple: Consider Xserve Not a Cross-Out

Server Snapshot: Sure Apple is now best known for its iPhones and iPods, but that doesn't mean its server room offerings aren't worthy of consideration. Xserve, MacPro and its storage products are all solid data center contenders.
Tags: Apple, Mac OS X, xserve

Mac OS Seeing More Malware

Although Macs continue to face far fewer security problems than Windows, the trend line is going in the wrong direction.
Tags: Apple, Mac, malware, Mac OS X

Making Old Hardware New Again

Repurposing old computers instead of buying new machines can make sound financial sense, especially when trading conditions are tough and the economy is in a bad way.
Tags: hardware, OS, Mac OS X, yellow dog linux

Windows 7 Prepares to Face Off With Newly Popular Desktop Linux

OS Roundup: Desktop Linux deployments now exceed 1 percent. With Windows 7 on the horizon, will it continue to expand, or will the OS hit the wall because it just isn't Windows?
Tags: Windows, Windows 7, Solaris, desktop linux, Mac OS X

MacFrugal, It's My Way or the iWay

Cover Your Assets: Is buying a Mac for your business frugal or frivolous?
Tags: Apple, Mac OS X, cost management, frugality

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