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Mac OS X 10.6.3 Client and Server Versions

The 10.6.3 Snow Leopard update includes bug fixes, improvements, and security fixes.
Tags: security, server, Exchange, snow leopard, Mac OS

Meta on a Mac Delivers Efficiency Boost

Tip of the Trade: Tired of stretching your fingers to hit the ESC key on your Mac? There's a simple way to fix that.
Tags: Apple, datacenter, data center management, Mac OS X, Mac OS

FreeBSD Shines While Apple Fails

OS Roundup: FreeBSD's response to a recent bug presents a sharp contrast to how Apple handles similar issues.
Tags: iPhone, Apple, Mac OS X, Mac OS, FreeBSD

Lack of Innovation a Commonality for Microsoft, Apple

Is innovation overrated? Both Windows and Mac OS X have found success by borrowing from each other and building on it -- a model not that dissimilar from Linux and the open source software movement.
Tags: Microsoft, Apple, OS, Mac OS X, Mac OS

Second Snow Leopard Update Released

The latest Apple update addresses a major vulnerability that surfaced in September as well as numerous bug fixes.
Tags: Apple, snow leopard, Mac OS X, update, Mac OS

Apple Leaps Forward With Snow Leopard

Apple unveiled the latest upgrade to Mac OS and its many new features, as well as new MacBook Pro notebooks.
Tags: Apple, WWDC, OS, Mac OS

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