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11 Load Balancers You Need to Know in 2016

If you require 100 percent uptime for your services, a server load balancer or application delivery controller (ADC) is the way to go. Get to know the leading load balancer hardware, software and cloud solutions.

Tags: Citrix, Cisco, system administrator, Kemp Technologies, uptime, ADC, Server Administrator, load balancer, Application delivery controller, F5 Big-IP, load balancers, application delivery controllers

Kemp Technologies: Traffic Management Technology for Everyone

This server load-balancing and application delivery control vendor is looking to bring its low-priced traffic management technology for SMBs to the enterprise.
Tags: F5, load balancer, traffic manager

Maintain Uptime with Server Load Balancing

Smaller organizations may be able to reap most benefits of hardware-based load balancers by using virtual load balancers instead.
Tags: server, hardware, traffic, downtime, load balancer

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