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Fedora 17 Brings a Beefy Miracle to Linux

Cloud, more cloud and lots of "beef" in latest Linux distro.

Tags: Linux, Fedora, Linux server, linux os, server os

Novell openSUSE 11.3 Linux OS Gets Btrfs, New Kernel

The new open source OS release delivers a "better" filesystem (Btrfs) for Linux while updating packages and performance.
Tags: open source server, Novell, BTRFS, linux os, openSUSE

Linux Servers: A Real Data Center Choice

Linux server developers and adopters keep it real. A real choice for your data center, that is.
Tags: Ubuntu, Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OS, linux os

VMware Embraces Novell's SUSE Linux OS for Appliances

New deal will see SLES packaged with vSphere appliances as VMware chooses a default Linux distribution for its offering.
Tags: server virtualization, VMware, vSphere, linux os, SUSE Linux

Canonical Rolling Out Ubuntu Advantage for Enterprise Linux OS

Canonical overhauls its Ubuntu Linux OS support services with the new Advantage solution, which offers legal indemnification, support and management services.
Tags: Ubuntu, Red Hat, enterprise linux, Canonical, linux os

Ubuntu LTS 10.04, a Linux OS at Its Best

Is Lucid Lynx as clear as a Linux OS can be? We check out the latest long-term support edition of Ubuntu.
Tags: Ubuntu, review, linux os, Ubuntu LTS

Novell: This Linux OS Vendor Went to Market

OS Roundup: And found the sum of its parts is worth more than the whole. Despite claims to the contrary, Novell has put itself up for sale. Will anyone want its Linux OS?
Tags: Novell, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OS, linux os, SUSE Linux

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Kernel: What Is It?

The enterprise Linux OS vendor goes its own way when it comes to including a Linux kernel in its RHEL 6 release.
Tags: real-time, Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, linux os

HP's Linux OS Alternative Gets a Face Lift

OS Roundup: Despite the growing popularity of the myriad Linux OS and cloud computing options, HP-UX retains a strong, albeit leaking, presence. Now, with Sun's UNIX ecosystem in turmoil, HP is seizing the day as it packages and sings the virtues of its Big Iron OS.
Tags: cloud computing, Unix server, Linux server, HP-UX, linux os

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx Linux OS Debuts With an Eye on ISVs

The Linux OS long-term support release emerges, with a focus on cloud computing environments and ISV certifications. But it's still missing some critical enterprise software credibility.
Tags: cloud computing, Ubuntu, Canonical, Ubuntu Server, linux os

Ubuntu's Linux OS -- Mac OS X's Doppelganger?

OS Roundup: As Apple fades from relevance, Canonical's Linux OS, Ubuntu, seems to be stepping into its shoes. Is Lucid Lynx everything Mac OS X could have been but isn't, and does it have what it takes to trounce Snow Leopard?
Tags: iPhone, Canonical, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Server, linux os

IBM Adopts Novell's Linux OS for Lotus, Websphere Appliances

Under the terms of the deal, IBM will use Novell's SUSE Linux OS technology to build appliances for collaboration and business analytics applications.
Tags: IBM, Novell, OS, linux os, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Shiny, Happy Linux OS Terminals With Bashish

Tip of the Trade: With spring in the air outside, why not add some color to your Linux OS powered terminals? Bashish offers a fun and simple way to add themes to your terminal.
Tags: Linux, Debian, linux os

For Sale: Linux OS and Other Assorted Assets

OS Roundup: A New York hedge fund has made an offer to buy Novell. Is it paying $2 billion just for the Linux OS, or is there more to it? And, more importantly, will the offer bring other players to the fore? Perhaps Microsoft will end up the white knight in this strange tale.
Tags: Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, SUSE, linux os

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