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Linux 3.14 Stabilizes ZRAM, Reduces Buffer Bloat

The new Linux kernel includes improved memory compression, scheduling and networking capabilities.

Tags: networking, Linux kernel, PIE, scheduling, Pi, ZRAM, buffer bloat, memory compression, proportional integral enhanced controller code

Oracle Updates Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Linux Servers

Latest Linux kernel from Oracle provides updated features and support.

Tags: Oracle, Red Hat, Linux server, RHEL, Linux kernel, Oracle Linux, UEK

Linux 3.7 ARMs for the Future

Full ARM support lands in latest Linux kernel, as well as new VXLAN Software-Defined Network virtualization support.

Tags: Linux, virtualization, x86, ARM, Linux kernel, ARM server, VXLAN, Software-Defined Networking

Linux 3.6 Delivers Solid Progress

Improved filesystem, virtualization and networking features make their debut in the latest open source Linux kernel release.

Tags: Linux, Linux server, Linus Torvalds, Linux kernel, Linux Distributions

Linux 3.4 Kernel Gets Btr, BATMAN

The new Linux kernel enhances Btrfs next gen filesystem and changes routing for BATMAN.

Tags: Linux, server, Linux server, Linux kernel

Oracle Accelerates Linux With Unbreakable Linux Kernel 2

Oracle moves to Linux 3.0 and adds full support for the next-generation Btrfs filesystem.

Tags: Oracle, Linux kernel

Linux Rings in the New Year with 3.2 Kernel

First new Linux kernel of 2012 is now available, improving filesystems and performance.

Tags: Linux, ext4, Linux kernel

This Week's Linux Top 5: Red Hat, Ubuntu, Attachmate and More

Red Hat rolls out new cloud services at the Red Hat Summit, Ubuntu's CTO calls it quits, Attachmate makes some post-acquisition moves and takes aim at the Mono Project, and more.
Tags: Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mono, Linux kernel, Attachmate

Introduction to Linux Cgroups

Cgrpoups is a feature initially developed to limit resource usage in the Linux kernel. But it can do much more, including tweak memory, bandwidth and CPU usage of system processes as well as deny access to system resources.
Tags: Linux, open source software, Ubuntu Server, Linux kernel

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