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User Limits Made Easy

Linux admins looking for an easy way to set hard and soft limits for users will find much to like about the pam_limits module. With pam_limits, you can set parameters on system resources on a per-user (or per-group) basis for all variables--from the maximum number of files a user can have open to the amount of CPU time.

Tags: open source tool, tip of the trade, Linux Server Management

Linux Server Management Tips

Linux server monitoring is one of the best ways to ensure performance of your Linux server.
Tags: open source server, Linux server, Linux Server Management, Linux server monitoring

Cloud Linux Announces SecureLVE for Linux Hosting Servers

SecureLVE provides a virtualized file system which separates each user on the server into its own virtual environment.
Tags: cloud computing, Linux Server Management, Cloud Linux, Linux hosting

RackAID to Include Ksplice on Managed Server Offerings

The company claims it is putting an end to reboots on its managed servers.
Tags: Linux Server Management, server tools

Linux Server Management Nightmare: Attack of the Killer Penguins

OS Roundup: When it comes to Linux server management, if your Red Hat Enterprise Linux distro isn't supported by Red Hat, is it still Red Hat Linux, or is it 'Frankenstein Linux'?
Tags: Oracle, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Linux Server Management

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